Covered call strategies revealed

Posted on April 30, 2009 @ 5:03 am

What is Renting Shares?

Share Renting has been a popular term of late. There are many that are not certain about what this actually means and are curious to find out more. All of us know about owning a house and renting it out. This is very similar.

The options trading strategies taught by 21st Century Academy and Jamie Mcintyre are all that you will need to accumulate residual or passive income quickly. This guide can provide you with all the information and techniques to Renting Shares Out successfully. The course is very detailed and offered as a convenient home study package. Learn all you need to know through easy to understand videos, CDs and DVDs.

Learning how to sell covered calls should be done as there is much profit to be had. One can quickly turn around their life and make a leap in their monthly earnings in a short space of time. Making profits was never so easy.

The Renting Shares Strategy

The 21st century education system has allowed thousands to go to sleep with the peace of mind that they continue to make profits while they sleep. The strategies taught enable an increase in monthly income using the techniques taught which once learnt will never let you down.

How? Using a unique share market cashflow strategy called “”Share Renting”" or “”Rent Out Shares”".

Jamie McIntyre spent years of his time, plus tens of thousands of dollars researching this information.

The Jamie Mcintyre education package will teach you all the tricks and tips that you need to succeed so that you will not be on your own and struggling. You will be able to duplicate his successful techniques and make strides in no time. You will not be reaching for the stars and failing but instead on a steady road to success.

The Key is to Take Action

When you are using the how to rent shares strategy you are to be applauded on taking this initiative and you probably will wonder why others are not doing this!

If you are yet to start, here is a little motivation. If you look at this a different way, it is costing you around $2,000 to $3,500 per month, every month that you are NOT renting your shares out.

The use of covered call strategies can be making you as much as $5000 – $15000 if you are from an above average income bracket. This is money you should not lose out on so get started using the strategies that can make you that money every month.

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