Enlightening Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on April 24, 2009 @ 3:08 am
by David Hughes

In this modern world people remain busy from morning till evening in performing various activities of their routine life. They hardly find any time to relax and enjoy this short life. Every day, same routine work creates dullness in a people’s lives. One becomes depressed from the worldly hardships and every once in a while needs to relax their tired mind and body.

What one can do to relax is to visit some place where he can enjoy himself. Places such as Bangkok the capital of Thailand which is commonly known as the land of smiles, are ideal place for such purposes. Thailand is great for those people who long to experience the true beauty of Asia. Most people prefer to visit Bangkok because of its mixture of modern activities with tradition backing it up.

Visiting Bangkok is a golden prospect for those people who are involved in history and have a lot of time to entirely discover Bangkok. One of the top ecological features of the capital is its rivers. The most well-known and important river of Bangkok is The Chao Praya River also known as “The River of Kings”. A lot of Bangkok’s history lies behind this river.

After visiting Bangkok the most important thing one would observe is that not like other contemporary cities of the world, the citizen of the Bangkok are pretty conventional and like to stick to their old customs of doing things. They prefer to do things like their ancestors used to do them and thus try to maintain their history in their modern generations.

This does not mean that they are far away from technology and are living like their ancestors, but it merely means that they do not wish to change their culture completely to bring modernism in their lives and try to mould modernism in their culture. Thus they live balanced lives with both modernism and their historic culture playing active parts in their lives.

The buoyant markets of Bangkok are also very renowned; they are to be found on the river and trade many valuable items and Thai handicraft which is a clear sign of cultural glory of the Thai people. They still make these products, even though they had been out dated years ago by their modern counterparts but their demand is still high and the people still produce these handicrafts to protect their traditions.

Erawan Shrine is fantastic place to visit on one’s journey to Bangkok. The shrine is situated on Ratchadamri Road and is certainly something worth seeing. The entire shrine is a representation of Thai ethnicity and is kept in high esteem by all the locals of the area as well as others all over Thailand. The scenery is simply tremendous and will surly indulge history lovers in its charms.

To cut a lengthy story petite, one should pronounce that Thailand is a land of substantial cultural activities and is thus a holiday trip is suggested to anyone who has some interest in ethnicity and history of the world. This is in fact a cultural hub in Asia.

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