Be Healthy! Lose the Fat Around Your Belly. Here’s How

Posted on March 31, 2009 @ 3:28 am
by Jayna Davis

Do you have unsightly bulges around your belly? Did you ever think of trying to get rid of it? You better do. Losing those fat around your belly not only makes you sexier but healthier, too!

Heredity, living an inactive lifestyle, eating fatty and unhealthy foods, hormonal imbalance and slow metabolism contributes to bulges around the belly. It is highly likely that people who are not even overweight have excess fat around the belly. Getting rid of it should be one of your health objectives.

For vanity’s sake, belly fat can be quite a concern for some obvious reasons: 1) It becomes embarrassing to wear a two-piece bikini, 2) You’d need new pairs of jeans or new skirts as you can no longer fit into the old ones, or 3) You may look ‘preggy’ in dresses!

But beyond outwardly appearance lies the wisdom of the need to lose those unwanted belly fat. It can be dangerous to your health! Various research have been conducted on the risks associated with excess fat around the belly, such as:

- Heart or cardiovascular disease

- Stroke

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- Colorectal or colon cancer

- Metabolic syndrome

- Cancer of the breast

- Gallbladder problems

- Dementia or Alzheimers disease

Are you scared of what those excess fat around the belly may do to you or to those people you know? Those health risks should be able to motivate you to strive to live a healthier lifestyle. They should motivate you to lose the fat around your belly, now.

Losing the fat around your belly can be done in various ways. It usually depends on your level of commitment as well as your consistency in adhering to those programs or regimen. Sometimes, it depends on how much price you are willing to pay. Or how much of your favorite food you are willing to sacrifice. Whatever is more effective for you, never lose focus on the objective of getting rid of excess belly fat.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is one way to burn off belly fat. Keeping active in your daily activities helps melt those fats away. If you are one with a genetic predisposition towards obesity or being overweight or if your metabolism is slower, you may opt to undergo surgical procedures as liposuction, abdominoplasty or bariatric surgery. However, do extensive research and choose only a reputable doctor for those procedures.

Are you still seated comfortably on your couch with your favorite junk food? Have you committed yourself to wasting your life away weighed down by excess belly fat? Or are you getting up and moving about to melt them fats away!

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