Dopod 838 and Dopod 900 Comparative Evaluation

Posted on March 28, 2009 @ 3:12 am
by Zou cheaponsale

838 with a one-year, and today over 838 have been incomplete, and before thinking about the total 838 for what should be broken machine, I think a lot of 838 faithful friends thought about this question, ten thousand thousand picked after the last election Dopod 900 pro put such as arms. Since my 900 has been a lot of such as Friends of Friends will ask me 900-to-use? High-performance? Better than 838 the number of such questions. Today, I put my own embodied write to share with the Friends of the faithful, hoping to help the replacement friends.

First, from the appearance point of view, the 900 than on 838, to a large circle, a lot of friends that used 900 large, individuals prefer to use a large cell phone, so look it up on the result of people, and 900 are also listed the cell phone a long time , so they would like to join a new is impossible, are now available on the market are back to a new cell phone, I think, as long as the machine hardware itself no problem, then it is acceptable, together with the JS were promised after-sales service, the number of many less also give themselves a little confidence, after all, the prices are very attractive. In fact, accept it is because of people.

Performance, 900 of 3.6 VGA screen, 520 frequency of the CPU, 128 +128 of the memory, the keyboard is very perfect indeed better than the 838 on more than one grade on the keyboard, the 838 and 900 have one, but the practicality and 900 work on a lot of good. Needless to say on the CPU, and one is 195 and one 520, light from the figure 900 on the CPU will be able to feel powerful. 3.6 VGA screen and 2.8 QVGA screen, not to mention that resolution 900 of the 838 are 4 times. Please note that the Friends of the faithful, light from the hardware specifications, performance on that of the 900 are 838 times better (I believe a lot of the Friends of the faithful into the 900 from its appearance on the hardware performance and make decisions), appearance, performance 900 victory 838. However, the actual use of what can now use 838 for some time that the 838 Friend considerable use and stability (often said that the rookie except), currently 838 of the ROM a lot of other documents, update soon, but 900 do? Not, want to find a good ROM that is not an ordinary hard-Yes, 838 is relatively speaking, the resources of 900 small, hard to find a more stable ROM brush, and one test, 520 of the U is not as powerful imagination sometimes feel that with the 195 before the 838′s no different, of course, if true then it must surely be no better than than, but really think that 900 individuals are 520 Whether or not true then the U. 3.6 VGA screen, very good imagination can be as small VGA software are often diverted from QVGA, and one showed more than QVGA ugly, that’s a waste it.

128 RAM, previously 838, the hair would also like to dream of their own RAM are 128 and 128 can be here today is a so what, the performance is indeed strong, and there is use up the RAM, but 128 of the RAM is not an ordinary charge point, the original 1620 milliamperes with electricity, can see that one of 99.98.97 …… gone in each frame, with a 3200 milliamperes can only be used in the day, the cost is half of the mobile phone on thick What it does not have any feel, when really miss the 838 days of 1250 milliamperes can be used when ah.

Other words, if a cell phone when the two are, the 900 apart from the data, hardware than 838 strong, the other I really do not think that there is any stronger than the 838, and 838 although the configuration it is not high, but relative to a mobile phone it good enough for us. Or this sentence, you want when the 838 is a cell phone, do not use it as PDA.

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