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Be Healthy! Lose the Fat Around Your Belly. Here’s How

Posted By Jayna Davis on March 31, 2009 @ 3:28 am
by Jayna Davis

Do you have unsightly bulges around your belly? Did you ever think of trying to get rid of it? You better do. Losing those fat around your belly not only makes you sexier but healthier, too!

Heredity, living an inactive lifestyle, eating fatty and unhealthy foods, hormonal imbalance and slow metabolism contributes to bulges around the belly. It is highly likely that people who are not even overweight have excess fat around the belly. Getting rid of it should be one of your health objectives.

For vanity’s sake, belly fat can be quite a concern for some obvious reasons: 1) It becomes embarrassing to wear a two-piece bikini, 2) You’d need new pairs of jeans or new skirts as you can no longer fit into the old ones, or 3) You may look ‘preggy’ in dresses!

But beyond outwardly appearance lies the wisdom of the need to lose those unwanted belly fat. It can be dangerous to your health! Various research have been conducted on the risks associated with excess fat around the belly, such as:

- Heart or cardiovascular disease

- Stroke

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- Colorectal or colon cancer

- Metabolic syndrome

- Cancer of the breast

- Gallbladder problems

- Dementia or Alzheimers disease

Are you scared of what those excess fat around the belly may do to you or to those people you know? Those health risks should be able to motivate you to strive to live a healthier lifestyle. They should motivate you to lose the fat around your belly, now.

Losing the fat around your belly can be done in various ways. It usually depends on your level of commitment as well as your consistency in adhering to those programs or regimen. Sometimes, it depends on how much price you are willing to pay. Or how much of your favorite food you are willing to sacrifice. Whatever is more effective for you, never lose focus on the objective of getting rid of excess belly fat.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is one way to burn off belly fat. Keeping active in your daily activities helps melt those fats away. If you are one with a genetic predisposition towards obesity or being overweight or if your metabolism is slower, you may opt to undergo surgical procedures as liposuction, abdominoplasty or bariatric surgery. However, do extensive research and choose only a reputable doctor for those procedures.

Are you still seated comfortably on your couch with your favorite junk food? Have you committed yourself to wasting your life away weighed down by excess belly fat? Or are you getting up and moving about to melt them fats away!

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Your Guide to Downloading Free Psp Games

Posted By Frank De Sousa on March 30, 2009 @ 3:30 am
by Frank De Sousa

While the PSP has been doing the rounds for some time now, we find that it has quickly shot to fame as one of the best hand held video game. Anyone wanting to download free PSP games for the hand held device can do it easily, but the problem is where to look for them. Once you start searching, you will come across three different options:

Your adventure begins rather simple when you choose your search engine and type out the search words which are: Look at the sites which are giving you options of free PSP game downloads. The site to choose for free PSP game downloads would be one which is filled with sparkling banner ads and when you get smeared with pop ups.

The first downloading of free PSP games might take a staggering 3 days after which you have your inaugural free PSP game download and incidentally by this time your computer is stacked with spyware and adware. Do you like the price you have to pay for PSP game download, even when it is free?

Surprisingly, this option is far removed from free PSP game downloads. You are in for a surprise when you visit some sites which proudly publicize their offers of free PSP game downloads, and see when you actually claim the offer. There are hardly any freebies in the free PSP game download as you not only pay for the download but you pay regular monthly membership too. So when you look at the words free PSP game download, remember that you are not paying anything for the PSP game per se but you have to pay for the download as well as monthly membership fee.

No need to feel sorry, I have good news for you. There are special PSP games download sites from where you can download free PSP games swiftly and you are saved from the spyware problem. These free PSP game download sites will also let you download other PSP stuff like music, movies, themes and wallpapers. So what is the catch with the third option? Well the catch is that there is a one-time membership fee to get in.

So is everything hunky dory in this option? Not really as you would have to pay a one-time membership fee to enroll. The situation is not very grim though as within you could have endless free PSP downloads. Thus your job is to pay this one time fee and then forget all about any more fees for downloads or monthly subscriptions. Thus as far as download free PSP games is concerned, this is the most effective option.

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Advanced Wellness Research Offers

Posted By Linda Kemp on March 29, 2009 @ 3:02 am
by Linda Kemp

These days, people are living very long and fulfilling lives. However, there still is an inevitable slowing down that comes with age and which can get in the way of doing everything we want to accomplish. If you or your parents are starting to reach beyond the middle years and you are noticing a slow down and the onset of aches, pains, and loss of energy, there are steps you can take to slow down this aging process and to keep yourself feeling youthful and active for a very long time. By taking care of yourself or encouraging your parents or older relatives to do the same, you can ensure a much higher quality of life and the ability to enjoy your favored activities for many, many years.

One of the easiest, and perhaps most effective, ways to enable a higher quality of life in the later years is to take supplements that help provide the nutrients that may be missing in your diet. As we get older, our bodies have a harder time absorbing all of the nutrients in our food, often leading to minor deficiencies. To make this matter even worse, our metabolisms tend to slow down, causing us to eat less. If you don’t eat completely nutritious foods, you could be missing out on many of the most important nutrients. Taking an acai berry supplement along with a healthy diet has the ability to provide you with the nutrients that are most essential to an aging body. Acai berries have antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and more- all known to help slow down or even reverse the signs of aging.

Even if you are already showing signs of chronic disease, such as heart problems, Pure Acai Berry can help you get a new lease on life. Thanks to the high levels of nutrients, this berry has some pretty regenerative effects on the body. Plant sterols, found in large quantities in acai berry, are touted as a great cholesterol reducers. Omega fatty acids, also found in these berries, help the heart perform more effectively by reducing inflammation and keeping the arteries in good shape. The combination of vitamins and minerals in this berry also can help keep macular degeneration at bay, protect against osteoporosis, and provide other important benefits. In all, this is a supplement that has a lot of beneficial properties that may keep you in better health for a very long time.

Perhaps the most important aspect of staying healthy in later years is remaining active. Pure Acai Berry actually can help you do this as well. With energy boosting nutrients, you may feel more like exercising and being active than you have in a long time. Users of Pure Acai Berry have also claimed that many of their arthritis pains have been relieved, which can definitely help get you on your feet again. Even the fact that Pure Acai Berry has been linked to weight loss can be helpful, as weighing less can make it easier to get around and help eliminate many aches and pains.

Whether you are the one entering the golden years or a loved one is, you should really consider the benefits of using acai berry. This supplement has tons of proven benefits and plenty more under research, and, as a natural food product, is exceptionally safe to use. Take advantage of the free trial offer of Pure Acai Berry to see if it helps you or your loved one feel younger and healthier.

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Dopod 838 and Dopod 900 Comparative Evaluation

Posted By Zou cheaponsale on March 28, 2009 @ 3:12 am
by Zou cheaponsale

838 with a one-year, and today over 838 have been incomplete, and before thinking about the total 838 for what should be broken machine, I think a lot of 838 faithful friends thought about this question, ten thousand thousand picked after the last election Dopod 900 pro put such as arms. Since my 900 has been a lot of such as Friends of Friends will ask me 900-to-use? High-performance? Better than 838 the number of such questions. Today, I put my own embodied write to share with the Friends of the faithful, hoping to help the replacement friends.

First, from the appearance point of view, the 900 than on 838, to a large circle, a lot of friends that used 900 large, individuals prefer to use a large cell phone, so look it up on the result of people, and 900 are also listed the cell phone a long time , so they would like to join a new is impossible, are now available on the market are back to a new cell phone, I think, as long as the machine hardware itself no problem, then it is acceptable, together with the JS were promised after-sales service, the number of many less also give themselves a little confidence, after all, the prices are very attractive. In fact, accept it is because of people.

Performance, 900 of 3.6 VGA screen, 520 frequency of the CPU, 128 +128 of the memory, the keyboard is very perfect indeed better than the 838 on more than one grade on the keyboard, the 838 and 900 have one, but the practicality and 900 work on a lot of good. Needless to say on the CPU, and one is 195 and one 520, light from the figure 900 on the CPU will be able to feel powerful. 3.6 VGA screen and 2.8 QVGA screen, not to mention that resolution 900 of the 838 are 4 times. Please note that the Friends of the faithful, light from the hardware specifications, performance on that of the 900 are 838 times better (I believe a lot of the Friends of the faithful into the 900 from its appearance on the hardware performance and make decisions), appearance, performance 900 victory 838. However, the actual use of what can now use 838 for some time that the 838 Friend considerable use and stability (often said that the rookie except), currently 838 of the ROM a lot of other documents, update soon, but 900 do? Not, want to find a good ROM that is not an ordinary hard-Yes, 838 is relatively speaking, the resources of 900 small, hard to find a more stable ROM brush, and one test, 520 of the U is not as powerful imagination sometimes feel that with the 195 before the 838′s no different, of course, if true then it must surely be no better than than, but really think that 900 individuals are 520 Whether or not true then the U. 3.6 VGA screen, very good imagination can be as small VGA software are often diverted from QVGA, and one showed more than QVGA ugly, that’s a waste it.

128 RAM, previously 838, the hair would also like to dream of their own RAM are 128 and 128 can be here today is a so what, the performance is indeed strong, and there is use up the RAM, but 128 of the RAM is not an ordinary charge point, the original 1620 milliamperes with electricity, can see that one of 99.98.97 …… gone in each frame, with a 3200 milliamperes can only be used in the day, the cost is half of the mobile phone on thick What it does not have any feel, when really miss the 838 days of 1250 milliamperes can be used when ah.

Other words, if a cell phone when the two are, the 900 apart from the data, hardware than 838 strong, the other I really do not think that there is any stronger than the 838, and 838 although the configuration it is not high, but relative to a mobile phone it good enough for us. Or this sentence, you want when the 838 is a cell phone, do not use it as PDA.

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The Misconception of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)

Posted By Tanza Tripp on March 27, 2009 @ 3:00 am
by Cody Richardson

A lot of people fear the name American Pit Bull Terrier because they tend to picture out aggressive and vicious human attacks by a 60 pound dog. However, these degrading presumptions are just misleading misconceptions that tarnish the reputation of this lovable and protective pet. The truth is, American Pit Bull Terriers are intelligent, loyal, and fun loving dogs that got a bad reputation because of uncaring owners.

It all goes back to the year 1835 England when royals and commoners alike enjoy the sadistic and bloody game of bull baiting. Because of this, some breeders had the idea of breeding bulldogs to use in dog fighting. They mixed the tenacity and fierceness of this dog with Terrier and the result was the Bull Terrier.

The Bull Terrier was born with impressive characters which are: aggressiveness to its enemies, tenacity and bravery, high pain threshold, and at the same time they are affectionate and sociable to people. These abilities made the dog unbeatable and deadly in the dog fight scene. However, the Bull Terrier was not all violence because its natural ability to be caring and loyal to humans made the difference.

Bull baiting was eventually banned in England and this forced some people to cease the breeding for dog fighting. In the middle of 1800′s, immigrants introduced the Bull Terrier to the United States but not for fighting anymore. During these times, the Bull Terrier was used as an- all around farm dog and frontier guardian.

In 1898, the United Kennel Club officially named the Bull Terrier as the American Pit Bull Terrier. The breed’s introduction to America made it well-known among dog breeders and different kinds of people. In fact, it was so popular that many companies, including Buster Brown Shoe Company, RCA phonograph and even Levi’s, used APBT as mascots to represent dependability, loyalty, toughness and bravery.

There were also some famous people who had APBT as pets. There was Theodore Roosevelt, Hellen Keller, and Little House books’ Laura Ingals Wilder. During World War I, APBT was highly regarded that even a Pit Bull named Stubby became a decorated war hero.

Despite the popularity and attention, however, the American Pit Bull Terrier did not get all praise and good fortune. Secret dog fights were discovered and controversial human attacks were reported that kennel clubs changed its name and standard quite a few times. From the Bull Terrier, it became American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier and now to American Pit Bull Terrier again.

There are still those who use APBTs for dog fighting and criminal acts. They train and raise these dogs to be aggressive and violent that their natural traits to be social and loving to humans got erased. So in the reportedly bad behaviors and fatal attacks of American Pit Bull Terriers, the blame can only be pointed to those heartless and irresponsible people who used them as an instrument of violence and greed.

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Replica Designer Jewelry – The Basics

Posted By Robert Carlton on March 26, 2009 @ 3:56 am
by Erwin Rostuzing

Jewelry is no longer just a luxury only the rich and famous wanted to possess. Instead, it is now every woman and even a man’s dream to own some form of the precious jewels, as a part of their wardrobe. Apart from adding on to the looks of the person wearing it, jewelry is also an overall enhancement to the status of the individual and acts as symbol of prestige.

However, it is an unfortunate fact that quite a few of individuals shy away from buying jewelry due to the heavy price tags attached. It is here that the replica jewelry comes to the rescue of the average person, providing near to same looks, but a price that is very much affordable.

Looking classy and sensual is now as easier with replica jewelry as it is with the real ones. Experts insist that unless someone has a deep knowledge of precious jewels, most of the times it is very difficult to make out the difference between real jewelry and the replicas. In addition, very often, you can only make out the difference if you examine the replica very closely, and that too, in direct comparison with the real pieces.

The Precautions

Even though replica jewelry can make you look like a princess in that much less amount of money, yet it is important that you exercise enough caution while getting it made and even using it. To begin with, make sure that you get the replica made from an experienced designer, who has the skill and artisanship to produce the jewelry with the desired delicate look and appearance. The main appeal of jewelry comes from the amount of skill that is reflected in the ready pieces. You have to make sure that their replicas you are made carry the same appeal and style.

In addition to the above, make sure that when you wear replica designer jewelry, you do not overdo your entire outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a pair of flashy earrings with a bright dress, there is no need to wear any other piece of jewelry, so that the focus remains only on the earrings.

Similarly, a chunky and shimmering pendant draws enough attention for you to wear only simple studs and not major hoops or danglers. If you wear them properly and carry them with grace, replica jewelry can bring your look the same grace and charm as the real thing does.

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The Benefits Of Rival Crock Pot Cooking

Posted By Machelle Wright on March 25, 2009 @ 3:13 am
by Masil Nosacki

I prefer Rival Crock Pot cooking when preparing meals for my big family. Cooking with the Rival Crock Pot is simple, fast and inexpensive.

Creating family meals just would not be complete without including the use of a Rival Crock Pot. Here’s why: There are so many overlooked benefits of using a Rival Crock Pot such as:

* Saves time – prepare your meals first thing in the morning and enjoy them as you walk through the door after work!

* Saves Money- you can purchase cheaper cuts of meat and slow cook for 8 hrs to produce tender, delicious meals.

* Lower The Power Bill – you don’t even have to turn the oven on. Save energy and back aches as you don’t have to stand there cooking at the stove-top anymore.

Crock Pot Cooking With You Favorite Recipes

Yes you can use most of your recipes with the Rival Crock Pot. Just follow these simple steps for and you will have perfect crock pot meals in no time:

* Liquids – decrease all liquids to half the amount and milk breaks down with slow cooking so add it during the last hour of cooking.

* Spices and Seasoning – they can evaporate with slow cooking so just add them during the last hour of cooking.

* Beans – your beans need to soak first before cooking so they will be soft.

* Cream Soups – these are great substitute for milk and hold up for longer cooking

* Veggies – add to crock pot first as they need to cook the longest and cut about 1 inch thick.

Comparing the Rival Crock Pot method of cooking and the Stove Top method of cooking are quite easy. For great family meals that are inexpensive, Rival Crock Pot cooking is the winner.

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Differentiating Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold

Posted By Bobbie McKee on March 24, 2009 @ 3:17 am
by Bobbie McKee

Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold have been created to specifically cater to the fitness and entertainment needs of various individuals. But do you really know the difference between the two? Instructors can be certified to teach either or both, depending on the workshop type. Understanding the features and characteristics can help you decide which one is ideal for your current condition and situation.

About Zumba Basic

Zumba Basic is the primary type of the workout routine which provides you the basic movements and exercises to stay supple, lean and trim. It usually lasts an hour or less, depending on the routine. You get to move nonstop from one type of dance and music to another such as doing the salsa, merengue, belly dance, hip hop, cha cha, etc.

This is a fun and good workout for most individuals, allowing you to burn around 450 calories or more per session. Classes are held in fitness facilities, most usually. There are also Zumba Basic workshops that help individuals teach Zumba to the general population. You get to learn the steps and tips on how to develop an effective routine. The workshop usually lasts one day.

Zumba Gold Details

Zumba Gold was specifically created to help individuals who may not be capable enough of following Zumba Basic. This is a special type of workout that focuses more on very sedentary individuals, physically incapacitated people, true beginners and senior citizens. The course was designed to address the different needs of the growing senior population. Some of the advantages include better balance, flexibility, agility, mental focus and stamina, with special considerations on sensitive body parts like the hip, joints and shoulders.

Zumba Gold effectively takes care of the physiological and mental needs of the aging individual. The music, steps and routine are generally the same as Zumba Basic, except for the pace, which is quite slower. To teach Zumba Gold, you have to learn the dances and different transition movements and techniques that will make classes safe and enjoyable. The Zumba Chair workout is also introduced especially for individuals confined in a chair or wheelchair.

The 1 or 2-Day Zumba Workshop

The original Zumba workshop lasted 2 days, since so much information is provided to potential instructors. The One-Day Zumba workshop was made to improve convenience and affordability. Regardless if you take the 1 or 2-day course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which provides you official Zumba instructor status. Both workshops generally cover the same content and material.

As a professional in this field, you are expected to continually update your skills and knowledge on the program. You can get continuing education and are required to renew your certificate on a yearly basis. This way, you can be highly regarded as truly proficient and an expert in the field. Check the ZIN always for current updates.

The Difference of the Workshops

A lot of the workshops that last for 2 days are presented by Zumba creator, Beto Perez, while most of the single-day workshops are presented by well-trained ZES or Zumba Educational Specialists. Many individuals find the two-day workshop truly inspirational as Alberto Perez shares secrets, tips and his passion on the fitness program. The one-day workshop provides 5.5 AFAA CEUs with most offering 0.7 ACE CECs. The two-day workshop provides 7.5 AFAA CEUs and no ACE CECs.

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Stress? Find Relief with a Massage Chair

Posted By Steve Esquire on March 23, 2009 @ 3:02 am
by Steve Esquire

If you have stress, you are certainly not alone. Stress is simply the response our bodies have from all the demands placed on it. We have all felt the effects of a stressful day. We may have sore, tight or tense muscles, especially in the neck and back. Research studies show that getting a massage really helps to relieve all that built up stress. You may not have time to slip off to the day spa, but there are other options. One particularly effective option is to have your own massage chair.

But how do we respond? Whether we know it our not our bodies respond. In fact we call it the fight or flight reaction. Either way our body prepares itself for the worst on autopilot. Our hands and feet are ready for action. The major organs divert activities that enhance immediate survival and we are bodily primed to do something. Trouble is with the new economy, our stress is mental and not physical. We get all pumped up for action and then take a seat! The issue with this is we just had a major chemical release in our bodies and we need an effective way to release it if we are not fighting or flighting.

We are all hearing the new economic doom and gloom and it is scary. OK, so we know our stress levels are going up because we are faced with more troubling situations. This just means we need to recognize the balance is changing and we need to change with it. We need to find more effective ways to relieve and reduce its presence and affects. In other words, we need to find a new balance.

One way to kick up your relaxation a notch or two is with massage therapy. Come on, a massage helps you relax and unwind. The peace of mind is priceless. And of course, let us not forget about our muscles are being worked over ever so nicely. Like getting an invigorating shiatsu massage. Perhaps a little deep kneading on the shoulders. Followed by some rapid tapping action to loosen up and invigorate your back muscles. I am getting more relaxed just thinking about it.

Let us take a quick look at two of the most important massage therapy techniques. Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage. These are different schools of through with slightly different benefit sets. Swedish massage uses a variety of 6 techniques to relax and energize the muscles and the body. Shiatsu massage uses a combination of acupressure, kneading and rapid chopping to invigorate the muscles increasing blood and lymph flow, while increasing mental awareness.

The top massage chair manufacturers have integrated comprehensive massage therapies into their recliners. Companies like Panasonic, Sanyo, Omega and Human Touch have many beneficial massage treatments. You can find Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology and many others in these massage recliners. The best of these chairs massage the entire body from head to toe. They are constantly adding new features and massage therapies to help people relax and relieve their stress and soreness.

Massage techniques are just part of these new generation massage chairs. You can find heat therapy or muscles stretching and even music. After all, music helps you to relax your mind. If your mind relaxes, your body then has a chance. Best of all for a massage chair is it is always waiting and available. Effective stress relief must occur on a periodic basis, just like the events that are causing you stress. Got Stress? Find your new balance of harmony in the new economy with a massage chair recliner.

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Secretly Directing Your Marketing Message Through Hypnotic Writing

Posted By Louis R Burns on March 22, 2009 @ 3:20 am
by Louis R Burns

Perhaps you’ve heard there’s a way to tell people what to do in your copy without setting off any red flags in their mind.

You may have noticed that many marketing pieces these days contain the words, “by now.” While that’s the most elementry attempt at doing it, in some cases it’s effective.

Are you wondering what “it” is?

“It” is called an embedded command. You can essentially go place a command inside your normal conversational message so that it doesn’t stand out to your reader.

Spoken out loud, “by now” sounds like “buy now.” My understanding is there’s currently only one book on copywriting that talks about embedded commands. “By now” is the example given.

Hopefully it doesn’t come as any big surprise that for embedded commands to be effective, they actually have to be embedded. Starting a paragraph with “by now” isn’t very embedded. There’s a chance it could work for your market. The only way to tell is to try it.

In writing, you’ll want to be much more sneaky about it. If you go for intermediate steps in addition to consummating the sale, you’ll get more mileage out of it.

If you noticed, I used a couple of examples to get your imagination going. I put them in bold font so you can go back and look if you missed them.

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