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Some Body Building Tips to Think About

Posted By Jen Maclin on February 26, 2009 @ 3:10 am
by Robert Johnson

Body building is a phrase that conjures a thousand pictures in people minds, but what exactly is it? Body building is a very popular sport that enables people who are committed to develop strong, muscular bodes through the right food and exercise program. The result of these intensive training and dietary programs is visible in the form of strong and toned muscles, which creates a very attractive and sexy appeal for those professional and amateur body builders. How do you achieve the standards needed and what would be the criteria that you can use to get the best possible result? Obviously, in order to achieve all of the above criteria, exercise and eating the proper food is the way to go.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the first element, weight lifting. You need physical endurance and strength to undergo a rigorous weight lifting session, which normally includes the use of machines and equipments. Weight lifting is often linked to sporting events, but there are plenty of non-athletes who perform weight lifting routines for aesthetic purposes. There are tremendous benefits of weight lifting for the entire body, plus it is also useful in assisting the body to recover from a serious injury. Due to its miraculous health benefits, it is a good idea to incorporate it into a health and recuperation program.

It is imperative to observe a good dietary program to make your body building program a success. Those who do train for body building competitions will need a lot of protein introduced into their daily diet. Complex carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. Remember to include foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potato and oatmeal. For a healthy bowel system, include a nice portion of fiber rich food such as vegetables and broccoli.

Remember to consume enough water to avoid the reduction in your muscle mass because of dehydration. The habit of consuming plenty of fresh water is a good way to maintain your health and bodily systems. It is also helpful to drink between exercises.

The training instructor can show you how to perform weight lifting and what you need to do to stimulate the proper body parts when performing vigorous routine in the gym.

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What are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer

Posted By Mark Ardine on @ 3:10 am
by Mark Ardine

Ovarian cancer is fourth among the leading causes of death due to cancer for American women, affecting 1 out of every 57 women. Ovarian cancer can be treated if it is diagnosed early but only 24% of all cases of ovarian cancer are detected early enough. Survival rate decreases over time. It is therefore very important for women to learn the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

To help people recognize the signs of ovarian cancer, the American Cancer Society in 2007, published some guidelines. Early symptoms of ovarian cancer can be bloating, gas, a “full” feeling, tiredness, irregular periods, abdominal or pelvic pain, and intense or frequent urination. Having a hard time eating or feeling full too early after beginning to eat are also signs of the presence of ovarian cancer.

All women should monitor the early symptoms of ovarian cancer in order to have ovarian cancer diagnosed as early as possible, if at risk. If these symptoms last for more than two to three weeks, women should seek advice from their doctor. Although symptoms such as menstrual irregularities or pelvic pain don’t always point to ovarian cancer, being aware of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer can help save lives. Keep in mind there is currently no reliable medical screening exam for the early detection of ovarian cancer.

Any early symptoms of ovarian cancer should be followed up with a visit with your doctor, who may then also recommend a bimanual pelvic examination, transvaginal ultrasound, and Ca125 blood test. Some risk factors for ovarian cancer include having the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic mutations, not having used birth control pills, never having been pregnant, or being diagnosed with breast cancer before 50 years of age.

Some women have higher risks of contracting ovarian cancer. Among the classes of women at elevated risk are Ashkenazi Jews, women with at least two relatives diagnosed with ovarian cancer, those exposed to fertility drugs, and those over 50 years of age. For these women, it is even more important to be monitored regularly for early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Regular gynecology checkups are vital for every woman. Some symptoms are common to many conditions and illnesses. If the symptoms persist for longer than two to three weeks, a medical advice is highly recommended. For instance, many of the same early symptoms for ovarian cancer are similar to those experienced with ovarian cysts or irritable bowel syndrome. To be sure, visit your doctor for a thorough checkup and follow up.

Recognizing the early symptoms of ovarian cancer helps women to stop the progression of this deadly disease. Both women and their doctors should be aware of the risks of ovarian cancer. More than 6% of all cancer deaths in women are attributed to ovarian cancer.

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Diet Pills: Friend or Foe?

Posted By Deen Dragonovich on @ 3:09 am
by Deen Dragonovich

You’ve no doubt seen all of the commercials advertising the ill consequences that many have had to deal with after taking diet pills. Unfortunately, many people who are merely trying to lose weight end up harming their health by taking diet pills. But not all diet pills are bad. Some really do help. So, if you have ever wondered which pills work and which ones don’t, this article is for you. However, no pill is going to make you lose weight if you don’t put in the effort. Exercise and diet are essential.

The first and foremost problem with how diet pills can help weight loss is the average consumer’s inability to know a good diet pill from a bad one. There are so many different products on the market today that knowing which one is right for you can be nearly impossible without proper research and guidance. For someone using diet supplements for the first time it is a good idea to try natural and herbal products that you know are safe. There are always reports of the dangers of weight loss pills but rarely reports of their benefits.

Most diet pills work one of two ways. Either they suppress the appetite or increase the metabolism. Hoodia is an example of an appetite suppressant, but there are mixed reviews as to how effective it is. Cayenne is an example of a metabolism booster. Cayenne was made famous by Beyonce, who used it to lose weight for her role in the movie “Dreamgirls”.

Although these products may work to some degree, using them as a quick fix for your weight problems is not the answer. Weight loss pills are meant to be an addition to your already in place routine of healthy eating and regular exercise. You cannot expect to take these over the counter pills and watch the pounds melt away if you don’t eat right.

In the past, diet aids have been largely ignored by the FDA. This could account for the ill consequences that many people faced after taking them. Fortunately, the FDA has started to regulate many types of diet aids. Whether the growing weight problem in America is to blame or whether officials decided that something needed to be done, FDA involvement can be nothing but positive.

Remember; you should research everything that you put in your body. Diet pills are no exception. Check out the product’s safety rating. If you have doubts, choose natural diet pills as they usually have fewer side effects. Green tea has been well researched and shows a lot of promise.

Your goal is to take weight off and keep it off! To do that, you will need to make an informed decision regarding diet pillss. Do not leave your doctor out of the decision. You should ask your doctor before you take diet pills or start any type of diet program.

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Your Business CAN Benefit From Management Training

Posted By Bart Icles on @ 3:02 am
by Bart Icles

Business isn’t perfect, it’s actually very far from perfect. Every employer, I don’t care who it is, faces internal problems that include but aren’t limited to, employee differences, failure to meet company expectations and goals, and lack of productivity from employees. Sadly, these problems and many others usually come back to land on the shoulders of the organizations leadership team or upper managers. These issues have to be addressed by the leaders of the company to ensure that things don’t get further out of control.

If you are leader in your current company, you should really consider the following scenarios that I have put together to illustrate what kinds of problems you should be on the lookout for in the work place. Each of these problems can be resolved very easily with the right management training.

Attitude- Steve Johnson is an employee who radiates a lot of anger and always has a negative outlook on his job tasks that have been assigned to him. Not only does his negativity and anger affect his work, but it also affects his co-workers and others around him in the office. They too are starting to adopt his poor behavior and attitude. As his supervisor, you are very frustrated with him and have reached the end of your rope with others who he is influencing.

Communication- Sara Anderson has failed to show up for work for the last three days. The problem is, her managers have never enforced a strict policy about calling in sick for work, so she assumed that she could get away with a few days of not showing up for her shift or contacting her manager about missing work. She decides to come back, only when she wants to come back to work. She honestly believes that there will not by any repercussions when she is approached by her manager since there isn’t clear cut rule when it comes to be absent from work.

Productivity- Steve Sanchez is a new employee with the firm and has been added to a team of veterans to the company. Being too busy with their own assignments and projects they are managing, they fail to train Joe properly. They believed that he would quickly pick things up and gain the knowledge he needed by watching them do their work. Suddenly, one of the veteran workers will be out of town for the next four to six weeks and you feel shorthanded.

Have you or your company every experienced any of these issues? Are your company policies ignored or challenged by the employees? Are your employees unclear about their duties or projects they are assigned? Are your employees motivated, or are simply there for a paycheck?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you have a problem. The good news is, with the right management training, leaders and managers of your company can develop new skills that will better help them manage their teams and develop working environments where employees are empowered and engaged. This is important for a successful business.

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Hong Kong Domestic Helpers: The Key To More Convenient Living

Posted By Alice Sy on @ 3:02 am
by Alice Sy

Some people think that hiring the services of Hong Kong domestic helpers is expensive. Indeed, that can really be the case in many nations, but for others, the advantages of having a full time domestic help at home are greater than the monetary cost it takes to pay the services of one.

In the United States, the basic cost of the services of domestic helpers is very high; thus if you are not rich or powerful enough, you will not be able to afford one. The services of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, though, are much cheaper, therefore even the middle class families are able to enjoy having a full time help around the house.

Generally, the pay rate of domestic helpers in Hong Kong is around HK$ 3,580 or US$ 470, although the rate does vary among employers.

Other than that, Hong Kong domestic helpers should be given a one day leave from work every week, food allowance of US$ 65 or HK$ 500 every month, medical and dental services, as well as sick leave with pay. After a year of service, they can also have a seven-day paid vacation leave.

If you are considering of employing the services of Hong Kong domestic helpers, one of the best ways to look for someone you can trust is through word of mouth. The best recommendations often come from family members and close friends, so you should consult them first if they know of anybody who can work for you. Others ways by which you can find a domestic helper are through the notices being posted in Supermarkets or Clubs, and certain manpower agencies.

When you think you have stumbled on a good find, it is still necessary that you make the necessary verifications of her identity. Therefore, you should conduct an interview and background checks of your Hong Kong domestic helper so you will know if your applicant’s working visa is still valid and if she knows how to cook, is good with children or pets, and if she is sickly or not.

In cases when you are hiring the services of a domestic helper in Hong Kong specifically to take care of your kids, you should be pleased to know that there are many health institutions and hospitals that are offering child care courses for domestic helpers. This means paying extra money, then again, you can have the assurance that your kids are safe under the care of your hired help.

Hiring a domestic helper enables you to do more things with your time. It goes without saying, then, that Hong Kong domestic helpers do make your life a lot easier.

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Prom Dresses Under $100 Are Just One Part Of Prom Night

Posted By Sabrina Stewart on February 25, 2009 @ 4:34 am
by Sabrina Stewart

What is prom night about? It’s about style, looking good, and showing off your best looks. Prom-goers wouldn’t be out of place at any red-carpet event. Young women go all out in search of looking their best and charming their dates and friends. Finding prom dresses under $100 can save hundreds of dollars, which can be used for other things that make it a successful night, like shoes, hair, and a limousine.

Everyone knows that prom can be very expensive, so saving money is a must. In high school, it’s not often that you have dances like the prom, and many guys and girls want to go all out and have everything to make a special evening. Without budgeting, and looking for under $100 prom dresses and other savings, prom night can be a non-event or a disaster because of its cost.

Without a doubt, the prom gown is where the night starts and ends. Before you get into the other aspects of the night, like the limousine, your hair, nails, pictures, etc, etc, you must carefully choose your prom dress. A neat and helpful idea is to take a picture or get a picture of the dress you like and match it up with the other accessories for prom night. That way, you can get a visual of all the elements of your look and not have to rely on memory.

Prom dresses under $100 come in a range of styles, colors, lengths and fabrics. This is important because not every style of gown works for every female height or build. In some cases this can add frustration because finding a flattering dress can be difficult. Having a good selection, especially in the under $100 prom dresses helps tremendously. Ordering early can also guarantee that they can be altered or custom fit to flatter the young ladies body style. The possibilities are limitless and when getting ready for that big night, each is important.

Although you may have a long or even floor-length dress, don’t forget the importance of the right shoes. Besides being comfortable while dancing or walking, the right shoes will complement the dress and the wrong ones will kill the look. If you don’t know what goes with your dress, check out places online for fashion dos and donts and easy shoe-dress combinations. Looking good and feeling good should go hand in hand, not be a compromise between the two!

While you might think that you can’t get a lot when buying prom dresses under $100, you absolutely have to check out all the styles. It’s highly likely there will be a great dress for you out there, and you won’t have to empty your purse to get it. None of the other girls or guys will know what you paid for the dress, but you will secretly know and be happy that you saved so much money.

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Are Your Snoring Problems Keeping You Awake?

Posted By Marie Martin on @ 4:28 am
by Marie Martin

Does it seem as though your snoring problems are keeping you awake at night? If you are no longer sleeping in the same room with your loved one because they can not sleep because of your snoring problems; then this article is for you.

As a matter of fact you can easily find tons of information on the internet about how to get rid of your snoring problem. Regardless of what you have tried in the past; we would like to provide you with some useful tips on how to stop your snoring problems so that you can begin sleeping better.

1. Special Pillow: You could be snoring because of the type of pillow that you are using. They have come out with pillows that are designed to help people stop snoring. While they are going to be a little more expensive than your typical pillow; they are designed to help you sleep better.

2. Change Sleeping Positions: Avoid sleeping on your back and try sleeping on your side. Medical studies show that people who sleep on their back are the ones who tend to suffer from this problem. You can easily use some props to avoid rolling over on your back during the night.

3. Weight: Chances are if you suffer from this condition then you most likely could be overweight. Research shows that people who snore loudly tend to be overweight. You should begin eating the right types of foods and exercising on a daily basis to stop this condition.

Of course if you still find yourself not getting the sleep that you want; visit our site below. It is filled with methods and resources that will help you get rid of your snoring problems. You can begin getting the sleep that you deserve by learning how to get rid of this problem.

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Flowers losing their scent

Posted By Tracy Anderson on @ 4:24 am
by Tracy Anderson

In today’s hectic world, do you ever find time to stop and smell the roses? If you do, don’t be surprised if you smell nothing. Researchers say the scent of many flowers including roses are vanishing and they’re finding ways to bring it back.

This depressing news comes from Natalia Dudareva, assistant professor of reproductive biology in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Purdue University in Indiana.

The Russian flower researcher is upset that many flowers don’t smell the same anymore – and many have no scent at all compared to their ancestors.

The reason: modern plant breeding methods used by the $30-billion ornamental flower industry have diminished the scent of popular flowers.

Alan Blowers, flower biotechnology head for Ball Helix, a biotech company in West Chicago, Illinois, said color takes the No. 1 priority when it comes to breeding. As growers work to improve the life of cut flowers – their shapes and sizes – this has somehow affected the way the latter smell.

“Selective breeding has reduced flower scent to almost nothing. Flowers are bred for color, size and shelf life without any attention to scent. Floral scent disappeared, and nobody knows why,” Dudareva said.

Now she and her colleagues are finding ways to bring back the old scents and perhaps create new ones. Her research will benefit not only horticulturists but agriculturists as well. The future of three-fourths of all crops depends on insect pollinators who are attracted to the scent of flowers. Without these insects, these crops can’t multiply and will die.

The scents are made by volatile compounds in plants and have a number of important uses. They not only make flowers smell nice but attract pollinators and repel pests. These volatile compounds are also used to warn other plants.

“Plants use floral scents to attract pollinators or to repel harmful insects. Floral scents begin as oils that are produced by the petals in most plants. Because these oils evaporate easily in warm weather, scientists call them volatile compounds. The aroma of a flower may contain as few as seven to ten different oils, as in snapdragon or petunia, or as many as 100 different chemicals, as is the case with orchids,” explained the editors of ScienceDaily.Com.

“There are known examples of plants that have been infected with a virus and have released a volatile compound that signals other plants to set up defenses against the virus,” Dudareva added.

By understanding how volatile compounds are produced and what genes are involved, Dudareva hopes to produce more sweet-smelling flowers and even control the time they release their scent.

“The floral industry is interested in creating flowers that are fragrant in the evening, when people come home from work. Petunia is one flower that releases its scent in the evening, so we should be able to do this. But before we can make flowers more fragrant in the evening, we need to increase the scent overall,” she concluded.

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Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents

Posted By David Halbert on @ 4:21 am
by David Halbert

News channels each day report numerous of car accidents. Car accidents take place because of fault on the part of one driver or both. In this technologically advanced era where science has brought great comforts in our lives, we still find ourselves helpless against our fates. Following are the top five causes of car accidents.


Speeding is recognized to be the most familiar and common cause of car accidents. Even the law binds us to drive fast, but time and again we ignore it to reach speedily to our destinations. The car manufacturers are creating great automobiles which can break speed limits; it persuades an individual to drive fast. The faster you would drive the less reaction time you would have. It is recommended to always follow the traffic rules, and keep an eye on your speed according to the speed sign on the road.

Bad Weather

No one has any control over weather and it may change within no time. It is always great to plan your trip ahead by watching weather forecasts on the TV, or by checking it on internet. However, if it is unavoidable to move in bad weather, you must take precautionary measures to remain safe. Fog, Snow, and rain always demand more care from a driver. It is advisable to drive slow, turn on car headlights, keep a safe distance from the car ahead, and don’t overtake or tailgate the car in front of you. Besides all these precautionary measures, your car should also be in good condition.

Driving When You Drunk

Medical science has developed a lot in the last decade. It clarifies that a person having blood alcohol level of .01 is not fit for driving. Studies show us the data where the majority of accidents happen at night as the driver is drunk. A drunken person not only puts his own life at risk, but also causes danger to other motorists on the road.

In drunken state, your judgment becomes weak and you are more likely to take risks. You don’t know if you are driving fast or rubbernecking. Your reflexes become weak and responsive time to any particular event increases. Always avoid driving when you are in such addictive state.

Fatigue and Sleepiness

Exhaustion and sleepiness are other main causes of car accidents. It is somewhat a stupid idea to drive at night when you are aware of the fact that you are tired and feeling sleepy. There are great numbers of car accidents taking place every year since driver at the wheel fell asleep. It is suggested to share driving duties with your partner and get regular breaks in order to avoid sleep. If your trip is long, you should hit a motel for a nap and drive in the morning with full attention.

Driver Distractions

According to specialists, driver disruption is one of the lead causes of road accidents. Things like talking on cell phone, using laptop, changing the stereo, talking to other passengers, and slowing down on highway to have a look at surroundings etc are hazardous distractions which could be a reason of a huge disaster. The traffic laws now restrict using cell phone whilst driving. Though, as a substitute, you could use hands free or Bluetooth, but you have got to keep full concentration on the road.

A responsible driver could not only save his life but also numerous other lives on the road. Always abide by the traffic regulations and limit your speed by learning road signs.

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Stress Treatment, Nitric Oxide, and Adaptogens

Posted By Franklin Zonner on @ 4:18 am
by Nichelino Warner

NO or Nitric Oxide can be considered one of the most important molecules in the body. Communication between cells in the body depend on Nitric Oxide for direction. Some of the busiest cells in the human body include immune system cells, blood cells, and brain cells.

Nitric oxide is so important that no organ in your body could function without it. It keeps our blood pressure normal, helps us think clearly, helps our body fight off infections, and even prevents the development of blood clots and atherosclerosis. Many of the aging diseases are no more than a nitric oxide deficiency.

A recent study tested a special adaptogen formula for nitric oxide activity. It was discovered that it contained natural NO metabolites that help to restore normal nitric oxide biochemistry within our body. It was mentioned that good adaptogen formulations should also include a high antioxidant capacity with adaptive stress molecules.

Parts of Siberia and Asia that have some of the coldest and harshest environments in the world are the home of some of the most amazing plants called adaptogens. In 1947 a Russian Phytopharmacist named Dr. Nicolai Lazarev discovered and named this class of plants. An adaptogen has the ability to create homeostasis with the body.

Dr. Lazarev defined an “adaptogen” as a plant or herb that increases the body’s natural resistance to stress such as trauma, anxiety, and fatigue. After a few years, a man by the name of Professor Brekhman said that an adaptogen is a substance that has a “normalizing” effect on the whole body, rather than on just a specific organ.

Stress, poor nutrition, and pollution can all steal our Nitric Oxide. As we grow older, it becomes harder for our body to produce Nitric Oxide. Eating right, sufficient sleep, and being active, all help our body by increasing our Nitric Oxide reserves.

Many people suffer from a variety of nitric oxide-related disorders including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimers disease ” the list is long.

Many diseases can be treated for and protected against by helping the body increase its levels of Nitric Oxide. It seems that patients respond favorably when we help them raise their levels of Nitric Oxide.

Stress can kill both your reserves and ability to make new Nitric Oxide. Adaptogens are one of the best forms of Stress Treatment . It’s been shown that foods considered to be good antioxidants, like adaptogens, also help the body produce Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide levels in some adaptogen compounds are high enough to restore a persons NO balance. These compounds can help defend against heart disease, stroke, and inflammation.

Make sure you do your research when looking for good adaptogen formulas. There are a lot of products out there with very little clinical backing. You can purchase them in some health food stores but I recommend doing some background investigation on the internet first.

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