Marketing Chiropractic with Facebook

Posted on January 22, 2009 @ 2:08 pm
by Matthew Loop DC

Being the fact it’s only just a few years old, Facebook has recently exploded in growth and substantially risen in the popularity ranks. Like other social networks and platforms, in no other place can you connect with so many highly-targeted people in so little time with your chiropractic marketing. Talk about one of the ultimate forms of leverage! As Facebook continues to virally sizzle with user-activity, many corporate giants are fighting tooth-and-nail to get a piece of the marketing pie.

Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo supposedly engaged in a high-stakes bidding war to just purchase a small share of Facebook’s massive appeal and success. Microsoft eventually sealed the deal, shelling out 240 million bucks for just less than 2% of the company! What should this mean to you as a chiropractor and business owner? Well, if these big-dogs are salivating at lucrative possibilities, you should be too from a new patient and branding standpoint. From the previous purchase, it’s estimated that Facebook is now worth in excess of 15 billion!

Three years ago I began my endeavor to teach social networking and social media marketing to chiropractors. At that time, MySpace was the most popular site, and Facebook was mostly college kids and no one else. Facebook has since become a global competitor attracting people of all ages and backgrounds, and now MySpace is beginning to copy some features on it’s rival. With the live-feeds on both these sites, the time is now for chiropractors to tap into the potential for success.

Ive been allowing my voice to be heard about social media sites like Facebook for years now, and its not just to hear my own voice! There are upwards of 140 million members on Facebook, and a growth of 200,000 new members on a daily basis. If those numbers don’t explain my fervor about it, then nothing will. Its an entrepreneurial goldmine.

When it comes specifically to chiropractic marketing, you’re able to connect with countless people in your community and successfully brand yourself in a way that is appealing and personable. People are going to begin to come to you with their health problems, because they have seen you and feel that they trust you. This means that social media sites will actively help you draw tons of new patients through your doors each month.

Not only is this form of chiropractic marketing totally free, but its also a fun and exciting process. Connect with people across the globe with keyword specific marketing. I have friends who have had great success selling their books by marketing for highly targeted niches and people of certain literary interests. This is just the beginning of whats possible. Make your profile personal with photos, songs, and videos that you enjoy. Poke people and send messages to others who enjoy the same hobbies and activities.

It’s blatantly obvious if mega-giants like Microsoft and Google can foresee huge profit waterfalls coming Facebook, that opportunities are abundant for any profession, including chiropractors. I recommend setting up your first account right now and begin to familiarize yourself with the social network and interface.

Begin to join groups that fit your profile on this site, and share your chiropractic story with them. Sell yourself as though you were a product, which you are, and people will become increasingly interested in you and your chiropractic practice. As your credibility and name grow in the community, you’re going to see countless new patients walking through your doors each month. All of this is for free!

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