Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery – After Surgery Care For The Best Results

Posted on January 22, 2009 @ 2:07 pm
by Ann Lim

Having eyelid surgery done is virtually one of the fastest and painless procedures available nowadays. However, there are certain points to take note of in order to manage your expectations from the operation. These are crucial to you enjoying a positive outcome from having had the surgery.

Eyelid surgeries result in few or no complications but there can still be the odd failed cases. It depends largely on the surgeon’s competency levels and after surgery care. The patient must also abide by the instructions given to care for the wound once discharged.

With most eyelid surgeries, incisions will be made to your eyelids in order to manipulate the layers of tissue underneath. These incisions take time to heal. Your surgeon will need you to follow certain steps in order to ensure their recovery.

One of the dangers to avoid is a swelling of the operated area. Listen to your surgeon’s advice on how to prevent the area from getting dry. This is done by applying the medicinal ointment provided by the doctor. Sometimes ice packs might be required in order to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Any patient will be worried about possible scarring as a result of incisions made to the eyelids. This can occur if you do not heed the surgeon’s instructions on after surgery care, such as taking your medicine and applying the ointment. There might also be other precautions such as avoiding certain types of food that might increase the possibility of scars forming.

During the healing process, you might feel some discomfort around the incisions such as itching or irritation. This is part and parcel of most operations. Avoid scratching and consult the surgeon if you can unable to handle the pain.

It might take at least two weeks for your eyelids to heal after the surgery. Once that happens, you will be delighted with the results. In order to enjoy this joy after the pain, heed your doctor’s advice and stay away from environments and activities that might complicate your recovery.

Once you have completely recovered from the eyelid surgery, you will look younger with the cosmetic effects of the procedure. Whether it is upper or lower eyelid surgery done, the benefits are equally attractive and life changing. Prepare for a different you and always follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter for a complete recovery.

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