Egypt Holidays: Enjoy Nile Cruises, Red Sea & Lake Nasser Tours

Posted on December 31, 2008 @ 1:44 pm
by Andrew Muigai

Egypt tours with cruises on the Nile, the Red sea and Lake Nasser are some most interesting things that you can do while enjoying your Egypt vacation. Since the days of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the Nile River Valley has won the hearts of millions of visitors searching for the best of Egypt holidays and Egypt vacations.

The Nile Valley allows you to enjoy the best of Nile Cruises while enjoying captivating neighbourhood and sampling best dishes of Egypt. Nile Cruises simply refer to cruise ships sailing between Luxor and Aswan. Typically, Nile cruises are three, four or seven nights long although shorter trips take a few hours to sail between Luxor and Aswan.

The usual cruise is aboard a Nile cruiser, often referred to as a floating hotel. A cruiser has most features of a land based hotel, including small swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise rooms, nightclubs, good restaurants, stores and even small libraries. The best time for a Nile cruise is between October and mid April, when the weather is fairly cool. However, most cruise boats operate all year.

The Egyptian Red Sea is also a fascinating destination. Located between Asia and Africa, Red Sea has over the centuries attracted numerous people as it serves as a link between the East and West. The Red Sea receives thousands of scuba divers from around the world as well as visitors wishing to take vacations at the Red Sea coast.

The coast of the red sea stretches from Suez down to the Sudan border. The red mountain ranges in the sea are rich in minerals, which is what inspired the ancient days travelers to give the sea the name Mare Rostrum – i.e the red sea. All year round, thousands of birds migrate to the Red sea shores, making the place a birdwatchers’ paradise. The sea also has over 800 fish species including the deadly stone fish and the butterfly fish.

Another natural extension to a Nile luxury cruise or any other Egypt holiday activity would be a cruise in Lake Nasser, the world’s largest man-made lake. Lake Nasser, formed after the construction of the Aswan High dam in the 1960′s, is about 498.9 km long with depths of up to 600 feet. The lake was named after after the then president of Egypt – Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The two temples at Abu Simbel are some of the greatest attractions around lake Nasser region. Ranking alongside the great pyramids of Giza as Egypt’s top tourist attractions, the Abu Simbel temples represent an amazing engineering accomplishment. The temples were relocated from their original site to a higher ground during the construction of the dam, to prevent them from being submerged in the resultant lake Nasser.

Lake Nasser is arguably one of the best places for freshwater fishing in the world. Nile perch and tiger fish are the popular catches there.

Getting to Egypt and traveling within the country is relatively easy by flight. EgyptAir is one of the several airlines that operate flights to Egypt. Most international flights to Egypt land at the Cairo International Airport, while others arrive at the Sharm el Sheik airport. While a self explanatory map of Egypt is available, you may require a tour guide to help you move around and explore the country.

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