Waking Up in the Morning

Posted on October 9, 2008 @ 8:12 am

Let me tell you upfront that I am not a morning person.  In fact, I hate to get up early in the morning, but since I am a parent, I don’t have much choice.  My son needs to get on the bus early in the morning, and sadly it is up to me to make sure that he makes it.

But I do have something that helps me to wake up in the morning – my cup of coffee.  Without that magical liquid sitting in the best coffee pot on my best coffee maker.  In fact, I tried to give it up once, and it was a big mistake – I just really couldn’t function at all.

If you are a parent like myself who has to get up too early in the morning, be sure to pick up one of the best coffee makers on the market as it makes a big difference if you want to have a really good cup of coffee…

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