Trying a New Marketing Tactic

Posted on September 7, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

For the past few months, the sales of TV screen protectors in our store have slumped while sales of flat screen televisions have skyrocketed.  I was a little concerned as to why this was happening, but I wanted to turn the sales around and convince our customers that they needed to buy a TV screen protector with their new television.

After consulting with our sales staff, I realized that they were missing the one thing that they needed to be doing to make our sales turn around: upselling.  Basically, they were not asking the customer if they wanted to protect their new television for years to come.

So, they are now required to go for the upsell, and hopefully we will see some results within a week.  If they don’t implement the new marketing tactic, they will have disciplinary action taken against them, and risk being terminated from their employment.

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