Cufflink Collector

Posted on August 2, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

While a lot of older men collect such things as stamps or spoons, my father’s little bit different.  From an early age, he decided that he was going to collect mens cufflinks and he now has quite a large collection.

It all started at the ripe age of 14 when he bought his first set of cufflinks at a garage sale.  He tells the story that he paid just ten cents for his first set.

Now, thousands of dollars later, he has our old bedroom turned into an exhibit showing off his collection.  If you were to take a look at his collection you would find everything including vintage cufflinks, custom cufflinks and even Santa cufflinks.  He even has a set of photo cufflinks that we gave him with our photographs in them when I was five years old.

You might wonder if I decided to follow in his footsteps and have a cufflink collection of my own, but I don’t.  With the number of cufflinks that I’ve seen in my lifetime I don’t really care if I ever own one.

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