Building a Bigger Business

Posted on June 20, 2008 @ 12:54 am

Sometimes, I feel that being an entrepreneur is more of a condition than a state – I see opportunities in everything.  This continual drive towards looking for opportunities means that my brain never shuts off – it is always looking for a new business for me.

For example, today while reading a blog post on how to start a blog, my eyes wandered off to the sidebar of the site.  I found that there were ads for many different affiliate products, and that is when it hit me – I could make a site about affiliate products.

So, it was at that point, I decided to create an affiliate marketing review blog.  Though I had not tried many of the available products, I started out with the goal of doing at least two per week.

Now, I just have to do some marketing, and then watch the money roll in – well, that is how it should work in theory, right?

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