Outsourcing Work out of Country

Posted on June 18, 2008 @ 4:49 pm

I have heard a lot of my business peers talk about outsourcing and its benefits.  It took me a long time to realize that I was not going to be able to do everything, and that outsourcing was going to have to be part of my business plan if I hoped to accomplish anything.

What I did a little different shocked my colleagues a little, as most of them outsourced the work that they needed in our little town.  But for my project, there was no one that did what I needed in town, so I decided to look elsewhere to see what I could find.

As it turns out, there was no one in the country that could do the level of work that I was looking for, so I searched for logo design online to see if I could find a company up to the challenge.  As it turns out, I have a firm from the UK doing all the work for me now, and they consistently deliver the best work I have ever seen.

Though they are out of the company, they deliver exactly what I need, so I don’t see why outsourcing the work out of country is not more widely used – sometime you just have to look all over the world for the best.

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