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My Crazy Luke

Posted By Twyla on May 22, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

Let me tell you about my friend Luke.  He is crazy and insane and I love him to death.  He does things that no normal person would ever consider doing and that what makes him unique, it also makes him the craziest person that I have ever met in my life.  I wouldn’t trade them in for somebody normal though as he is always there if I need a good laugh.

I think the craziest thing that he has ever done is the time that he rented out a self storage Philadelphia unit and decided that he was going to live in it as it was cheaper than rent.  I guess he never took into consideration that it was going to get awful cold in the next month or so.  So I was not at all surprised when one night he knocked on my door asking if he could stay with me for the night so that he would not suffer from hypothermia.

The next day he found himself an apartment and gave up a home he had had for a month.  That’s my crazy Luke in a nutshell.

Smart Jewelry Clerk

Posted By Jenn Brockman on @ 4:12 pm

While we were at the jewelry store a while back looking at anniversary rings in diamond and gemstones for my mom, the clerk asked if we knew that we were wearing our wedding rings the wrong way.

We both asked what she meant and she then told us that  the fourth finger on the left hand according to tradition and whoever passes on these silly rules,  supposedly holds the vein that hooks directly to the heart. By wearing your wedding ring first, closes to your heart it represents that your husband is closest to your heart also.

Neither my mother or I had heard this before and both agreed that it meant more to us the way we wear our wedding bands now. This led to the clerk telling us that with solitaire rings, diamonds are the most popular stone to have which is what both of us have as our engagement rings…… and we wear them closest to our hearts.

A Limousine, Now and Then

Posted By Deb Gallardo on @ 2:31 pm

The limousine has come a long way since its inception in the early part of the century. Originally just an extended version of the sedan model car, it was something that only the very wealthy could afford and it was special ordered.

The design was stretched out and allowed for extra seating which was usually put right behind the drivers seat and faced the rear.

Now days, you can find limos in all shapes and sizes from a traditional high class Mercedes model to the Hummer version, an SUV.  Seating can be made to run the length of both sides of the limo to accommodate up to 24 people in some cases compared to the old versions which only held eight or ten.

Limousines are no longer just for the very wealthy either, with many working class people using them for special occasions and party situations like birthdays and bachelor parties also.

Yellow Jackets on Wood Decks

Posted By Deb Gallardo on May 21, 2008 @ 4:07 pm

The summer after we built a deck onto our house — there were four new decks  on our street alone — our baby was eight months old. In addition to undergoing another hot summer, we had a huge yellow jacket infestation in our neighborhood.

One of the problems with wood decks is that they are, unfortunately, a place yellow jackets like to build their colonies. We had a particular problem with them appearing through the gaps in the decking.

Our daughter was too little to understand what they were and when she was playing her little pool and a yellow jacket crawled up between the boards, she reached down to pick it up. The look on my child’s face nearly broke my heart. Why did it hurt her? Why would anyone or anything hurt her? It was such a harsh lesson for such a little girl. She wasn’t totally traumatized, but she also never tried to pick up a yellow jacket again. She was nothing, if not smart.

Vinyl Windows is the Way to Go

Posted By Twyla on @ 9:21 am

When it came time to replace the windows in the house that I was renovating and hoping to sell, I had an Illinois window company representative come out of the home to both give me a quote and make suggestions on what would be the cheapest and what would look good.

He suggested that we use vinyl replacement windows as this would definitely be the cheapest route to go and he told me that most of the people who flip houses that he knows choose to go this route.  I decided to go ahead and place my order for installation, as I wanted to get the house finished as quickly as I could.

When all is said and done the windows had cost me a lot less than what I had budgeted and I thought the vinyl windows looked great. I was rather impressed at how quickly they install them and I was able to list the house three weeks earlier than what I had originally planned. 

Hooking Up my CPAP Machine

Posted By Misty Mountain on May 20, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

I am sad to say that I don’t have a perfect bill of health anymore.  I can’t really complain though, as I have only just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, instead of some horrendous disease.  Thankfully, it can be controlled thanks to a sleep apnea machine – which I just purchased today.

Yes, I picked up a bran new CPAP machine that will make my sleep a good one.  At least that is what my doctor tells me – I still have to try it out for the first time.  I thought that I could figure things out without reading the instructions, but that was a bad idea – I couldn’t get it to work right.

You see, I was having issues getting the sleep apnea mask that I purchased to hook up to the machine I bought.  After finally cracking the instructions, I realized that I had purchased the wrong type of mask, and I would have to go back to the store to buy a new one.

I guess I won’t be getting a good night’s sleep tonight – maybe I will tomorrow.

UK Housing Bill has some Worried and others Jumping for Joy

Posted By Jenn Brockman on @ 3:17 pm

If you live in the UK, you’ve likely heard about the push by the government to build millions of homes in the area and the worries that some organizations have about the housing boom taking over green belt and green field lands.

Unfortunately, much of the land for sale in the UK is what exists as farming land and forestry area which environmentalists are fighting to protect from the government pushing through legislation to build on. UK land investment can be a smart bet but it could  potentially lead to the destruction of the natural resources with in the United Kingdom.

Without the developments however, many families will be looking to other than UK land to build and live.  The housing bill aims to bring more public lands available to build family homes and to build about seventy thousand homes per year, though some say it should be many more than that.

Who Knew?

Posted By Deb Gallardo on @ 11:25 am

My cousin Steve has the best health insurance plan I’ve ever seen. He’s been doing therapy for carpal tunnel locally, but had to be in Southern California for two weeks on business. He did an online search for carpal tunnel in Orange County, found a provider who was on his insurance plan and got almost instant approval to continue his therapy during his stay in Anaheim. Now that’s impressive.

I guess the part that amazes me most is how quickly this all panned out. I’m not so surprised it was approved, just that it occurred within such a short time frame. In my experience, the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly.

I’d give a lot to have affordable health insurance myself. Since my divorce I haven’t had any coverage. Let’s hope my good health continues until I can get something like my cousin Steve’s plan. I’ll breathe a lot easier then.

Seminar on Relationships

Posted By Twyla on May 18, 2008 @ 2:53 pm

One of the questions that was posed to us at a seminar that I recently attended was if we knew the top five keys to a happy relationship. The seminar was one that I was attending through my work and it was about building relationships in the workplace, as it is critical for the success of any business that the employees get along.

At the seminar each of the attendees received a relationship book discussing potential problems that could happen between people in the workplace and the best solutions for these problems.  I found the seminar to be very informative and I was really glad that I had the chance to go.

I think I have a happy relationship with every one of my coworkers which is one of the reasons that my boss chose me to go to the seminar.  She figured, that I could share the knowledge that I learned with my fellow coworkers as they all seemed to respect me.

Make the World a Better Place

Posted By Twyla on May 17, 2008 @ 6:39 pm

I am a firm believer that we could have world peace if we all just tried a little bit harder. I know that it will not happen though, because we are all very selfish people who want the best for ourselves and do not want to share what we have with those that are less fortunate.

I do not know why we would not just be trading commodities with other countries, instead of selling our extras to them. We have an abundance of so many things that we could never hope to use them up. But, we would rather see things go to waste than to share them with others that are starving to death.

I wonder what it will take for us to realize that we are all one world and that the people in third world countries are also our responsibility. I would love to see a world where no child has to go hungry and that all people are treated as equal citizens. It is something that we can start right here at home. Let’s do something about it.

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