Meeting My Match

Posted on May 31, 2008 @ 2:12 pm

When I was taking my massage therapist training, I met the most handsome man. He came in for a massage, and for the first time since I had started my schooling, I was not able to perform as I was expected to.

Sensing that he was making me nervous, he started making light-hearted conversation with me. I think that this only made it worse and I eventually had to hand him off to one of the other students.
The next time he came in, he asked for me by name and I thought that I was absolutely going to die if I had to massage him again.

He told me that if I would go for coffee with him after classes than he would give me a break and let someone else work on him. I agreed, knowing that I would not be able to do his aching body justice.
We went for coffee and three years later, he became my husband.

And, I no longer have issues with giving him a massage!

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