Limo Courage

Posted on May 30, 2008 @ 11:34 am

My friend and I decided that we were going to go all out for our senior prom. We wanted to have really fancy dresses, hummer limos, champagne and the whole bit. I also wanted to have an incredible date with dreamy blue eyes and I had just the guy in mind. It was an older cousin of another friend of mine and I wanted to ask him so badly.

I decided to make all the arrangements and then find my date. I called about the wheels and a dreamy voice answered on the other end, “Limo Hire Kent is speaking.” I could not believe that I happened to be talking to the one guy that I wanted to take to the prom.

I worked up the courage to book a limo hire through him and then ask if he would come along with it. He figured out who I was and told me that he would love nothing more than to go with me. We have been together ever since.

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