Local Event News –How to Keep Up

Posted on May 28, 2008 @ 4:34 pm

I like to keep up on the local event news in our area by using several websites. Our local news stations often post information on their web sites about special shows or concerts coming to town.

The radio stations only post information on music that relates to their own formatting though so you’ll have to check each station individually if you like a range of artists.

We have a couple of local websites that feature local event news but sometimes they don’t cover larger venues like our concert arena which not only has concerts from big names like White Zombie and Van Halen, but also hosts shows like the Monster Truck rally. They tend to focus on smaller venues and local artists which is great too, but if I want to know when a big name music act is coming to town, I have to check the artist website along with all the local sites I mentioned above in order to know when and where I can get tickets.

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