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Setting Up a Travel Company at Home

Posted By Misty Mountain on April 30, 2008 @ 10:51 am

My wife has been working in the travel industry for a number of years now and she has finally decided to start her own travel company.  Sure, it will be a new experience for her, but at the same time, she has always dreamed of working for herself and this will be her chance.

So, we have set aside a room in the house to be her office and have set it up to be welcoming and attractive.  We have even purchased some worldwide travel guides for her to show to her clients and she is getting ready to open shop.

We are both a little nervous taking this route and giving up her steady paycheck, but honestly, we will both be fine with it once she has her first sale.  It will just be nice to have the opportunity to have unlimited earnings potential instead of being capped by the number of hours you can work in a day.  I think we will both enjoy the freedom.

Checking in with my Cycle Trader

Posted By Misty Mountain on April 29, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

I will have to admit that I am a complete moron when it comes to motorcycles.  Sure, I know how to ride them, but beyond that, I really cannot tell the difference between different bikes – honestly, I don’t care.

So, when I wanted to buy another motorcycle for myself, I knew that I would have to enlist the help of a professional to get the bike that I desired.  I had done this in the past, so it wasn’t going to be anything new for me.

About a week ago, I hired my Cycle Trader, Chuck to do some bike hunting for me.  He had found the last five motorcycles that I bought, so I knew that he would do a good job.

I called him today to see if he had found any leads on the bike that I was looking for, but so far, no luck.  Thankfully, I am pretty patient, but sometimes it is not fun to wait.

Finding a Unique Costume

Posted By Twyla on April 28, 2008 @ 9:00 pm

I am going to a Halloween party with my husband and there will be prizes for the couple with the most unique costume ideas.  We also had to follow a theme and this year’s theme happened to be retro cartoons. I was a little bit flabbergasted as to where I was going to start trying to find these.

I asked my husband and he suggested that we go as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. I thought this was going to be alright and that it wouldn’t be too hard to find the costumes. That is when I found out that a couple of friends were going as the Flintstones.

I looked online and found some Jetsons costumes. I was sure that no one else would go as George and Jane. I was right. There were a lot of Bug Bunny’s and a lot of Fred and Wilma’s, but we got the prize for being the only George and Jane.

Tidying the House

Posted By Misty Mountain on April 27, 2008 @ 12:22 am

The last time that my mother showed up to visit, she made a comment on how cluttered our house was.  Even though our home is small, I was a little insulted by her comments as we have been making due with what we have.

So before she was going to come and see us this time, we decided that we would rent a self storage unit and hide everything from her.  It really wouldn’t take too long to move everything if we did rent a self storage, so we decided that we were going to do it.

We did a search online to see where we could rent storage units in town.  There were a number of places, but we made sure to shop around to get a good price.

It only took about a day to get most of the clutter out of the house – I hope my mother appreciates what we did for her (though we really won’t tell her).

A Funny Gift

Posted By Twyla on April 26, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

My boyfriend is a really tough person to buy a gift for.  He has a great job and when he wants something he just goes out and buys it.  He is not careless with his money, but he lacks for nothing.  So buying a gift for him, is one of the things I hate most in life.

I have tried to come up with things that he would not think of buying for himself, but I usually come up short and it drives me nuts when his birthday or Christmas rolls around every year.  I stress out about it so much that I end up usually giving him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant and feel guilty later, that I gave him such a cop out gift.

His birthday is coming up next month, and I came up with the best idea.  I decided that I would buy him comedy tickets for a local comedy tour that was coming to town.  He loves to watch comedians on TV and I highly doubt he even knows that they are coming to our town.  It will surprise him and he will be something he will really enjoy.

Looking Offshore

Posted By Misty Mountain on April 25, 2008 @ 7:12 pm

As tax time approaches this year for our business, I have been really wondering if we have the best company organization in place.  The problem that I can see is that most of our company is taxed at a higher rate than other places in the world.

So, we have been looking into Belize company formation to help reduce our taxes.  If we did have an offshore corporation, we would be able to minimize our taxes and maximize our profits.

We learned that we could even us a mail forwarding service, and we would never have to step foot in Belize.  Sure, there would be some fees that we need to pay, but it would be more than offset by the tax savings.

We will have to get together with our accountant and lawyer to see if an offshore company would be the best thing for us to do.  I am sure that there must be other options, and maybe they will be able to let us know about them.

Love is the Same in Every Language

Posted By Twyla on @ 2:36 am

You want to hear a funny story?

When I was in high school, I met an older guy that was so hot and I knew that I would do anything to date him. The biggest problem is that he did not speak English.

I did get to go out with him and I loved it when he would talk to me. It sounded so romantic even though I did not know what he was saying. I would just smile at him and hope he smiled back.
I liked it much better when he would write me love letters because then I could go to a free website translation service and find out what he said. A lot of it didn’t seem to make sense, but what I could decipher was sweet.

In the end, the language barrier proved to be too much and we broke up, but I will always remember him. He was, after all, my first true love. Even if it happened to be love in another language.

His First Flight

Posted By Twyla on April 24, 2008 @ 10:09 pm

When my husband and I decided to take out first overseas vacation we knew that we needed help. It was not something that we thought we could do on our own, as we had never done anything like it before and we were both pretty nervous about everything from flying to food to accommodations.

We decided to book our holiday with Trafalgar Tours, as they had come highly recommended to us. When we started to see the trip laid out for us, we became less nervous and more excited. As the day neared, though, my husband was a wreck, as he had never flown before and he was scared to death.

I assured him that everything would be alright and that we were in good hands. Once we were in the air, he was fine and the whole trip went off without a hitch. We have traveled extensively since then and are looking forward to our next big excursion.

Storage is Key

Posted By Twyla on @ 9:29 am

One of the most important parts of my cooking class is learning about proper food storage. When people get careless about this, food can become contaminated with many different kinds of bacteria and this is what can lead to food poisoning.

The best way to properly store food is in separate food storage units. A rule of thumb for me is to never store two types of food together. Some foods will cause others to spoil much more quickly if they are stored together and this is not only a health risk, but can be a waste of money as well.

I store all of my fresh vegetables in their own food storage unit. I have several containers in my refrigerator, all containing one type of fresh vegetable. When I get home from the grocery store, I wash and cut them up right away and then I properly store them, so they are ready when I need them.

What is Good in Las Vegas?

Posted By Misty Mountain on April 23, 2008 @ 6:25 pm

Well, I have never taken a trip to Las Vegas in my life and I thought that I should make the effort to go.  You see, I watch many television shows that are based out of the city, and I want to see it for myself.  Sure, you get to see bits and pieces on television, but I think that you are missing out on the full experience.

So, I have been reading as many Las Vegas reviews as I can to see what is good in the city.  I want to know what are the best hotels, the best shows and the best attractions in the area.  I guess I would rather go there with some sort of plan in mind instead of just winging it.

I have a lot more research to do before I take a trip there.  I think that I will make an effort to get the research done as fast as I can, because I am getting impatient – I want to go to Vegas right now!

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