Starting a Pet Supplies Drop Shipping Business

Posted on March 25, 2008 @ 9:40 am

Based on the success of our laser printer toner drop shipping business, we have decided to start another drop shipping business.  My wife will be taking care of operations and so we decided that she can make the decision on what products we will sell.

We created a short list of interests that she had to do market research and determine if they would make a viable business.  Of the five types of products we were considering selling, we decided that we would create a pet supplies drop shipping business.

Initially, we decided to test the market by offering dog toys and cat toys to her customers.  The reasoning behind this choice is that we were able to find a supplier that would allow us to operate with high profit margins and low shipping costs.

We’ve also decided to carry high-end pet carriers to cater to more affluent customer base.  Though shipping on these designer pet carriers will be high, the group of customers that would be interested in such a product will have the money readily available.

We are just finalizing the website design before we go live in one short week.  My wife is very excited about having the opportunity to run her first business on her own.  It will be fun to watch her learn the ropes and become the businesswoman that I know she can be.

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