My Success is in the Name

Posted on March 24, 2008 @ 10:58 pm

For many years now, I have tried to learn how to play a musical instrument – any instrument – with little success.  Even something as simple as playing the recorder back in grade eight was a chore for me and was the reason that I failed band.

But the one thing that has remained constant is my willingness to try, try, and try again.  I don’t know how many different lessons and teachers that I have had over the years that have tried to help me play an instrument, but it has just been way too many.  So many in fact, that many times I have considered giving up, but I have continued to persevere on.

That is why today, everything seemed to come together in one fell swoop.  You see, while searching online, I came across the learn & master the piano course website.  There they promised a revolutionary method that would help even hopeless people like me learn how to play piano.

Well, it is worth a shot right?  I figure that based on the name, I am destined to succeed – I guess time will prove if I am right.

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