The Speed of a Professional Painter

Posted on February 23, 2008 @ 5:09 pm

We recently decided that the walls in our home needed a new coat of paint.  I think it has been about five years since the last time that we painted, and you can still see the evidence of our work. 

Last time we painted the walls, we did it ourselves and made a big mess.  Even though we looked for tips and tricks on a painting website, we just had some issues.  You can see what happened if you look at our carpet – there are paint stains everywhere.

So, this time, we decided that we would hire an Arizona house painter to do the work for us.  This way, we figured we would keep the time commitment and the mess to a minimum.  All we had to do is find one.

We checked out and we found the recommended painter in our area.  We booked a date with them and anxiously waited for them to arrive.

When the day came, they painted our home in about an hour!  I was so surprised and shocked at the speed and quality the painter had with his work that I don’t think I will ever paint anything again – I am just way too slow.

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