Supporting the South

Posted on February 18, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

I was disappointed the other day when I did an online search for scrapbooking supplies Canada. The reason for the disappointment was the prices that the supplies were available at. With the Canadian dollar doing so well and the American dollar doing so poorly, I was really wondering at why there was such a substantial difference in pricing.

I actually inquired about this fact at a few of the scrapbook supplies Canada websites and was not surprised that all but one did not even bother to reply to my question. The one that did reply said that it cost more to have French labels put on all the products. I didn’t buy into this for one minute.

I would love to support the Canadian scrapbook supplies industry, but until they can offer me supplies at competitive pricing with their American counterparts, I am going to have to continue purchasing my supplies from the States.

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