Time for A Break

Posted on December 24, 2007 @ 3:49 pm

My day today has been characterized by a lot of cleaning in anticipation for the party tonight.  Floors have been swept and mopped, the children’s toys have been picked up, and I am baking at the same time.  Even though I seem to have a knack for multitasking, all work and no play, doesn’t work for me at all.

So, I have decided to take time for a break.  I have my coffee in hand and I am sitting at the computer here blogging to you.  Okay, maybe that isn’t the real reason why I am sitting here.  I really sat down to play some online games to take my mind off what I should be doing.

Some of my favorite games are card casino games such as blackjack as well as classic games like bubble bobble.  I like go go back and forth between them as one challenges my mind (and my luck) and the other challenges my reflexes.  This way, I get to "exercise" both, and it keeps my interest longer. 

I just have to make sure that I set a timer and make sure that I quit when it goes off.  So, I have set my handy egg timer for fifteen minutes – that should be a long enough break for me.

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