Going For It

Posted on December 23, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

I recently had the opportunity to have an inside look at some Asheville Condos.  I am interested in purchasing, not for myself, but as an investment.  I am not from Asheville, but have been told that it is a good place to start investing and that good tenants aren’t to find.

I was impressed with what I saw, so I thought I should look some more at Asheville real estate.  The numbers were more than satisfying and I thought I would like to speak to some people to get first-hand information about what kinds of tenant I could expect to have.

This research was quite uplifting.  I know that now is the time to be looking at real estate for sale in Asheville, both for renting and flipping.  I think I will enjoy this business venture and am glad I am finally putting the money where the mouth has been for years.

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