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Be Informed About Your Internet Marketing Company

Posted By Twyla on December 30, 2007 @ 10:38 am

In order to better promote my online business, I decided to use some article marketing. That is, I wanted articles about all of the topics pertaining to my business and I wanted them to link to my sites.

Internet marketing is a little bit tricky, as there are so many options available and there are also so many people out there who would love to scam you. It is best to be informed before sending any payments via the Internet.

I find the online media to be a good resource for reviews on who to trust and who not to trust. Reviews are definitely the way to go. Look at the feedback of a person or company before making a decision. Feedback tells you a lot about the person.

I know that there are some wonderful article marketing companies out there. I know this because I have paid the money, got the job done and now enjoy higher search engine rankings. I know that I have made the right choices, but I have not made uniformed ones.

Help With Diabetic Supplies

Posted By Misty Mountain on December 29, 2007 @ 2:56 pm

My sister has had Diabetes for about five years now.  She has had good days and bad, but now she seems to be okay.  When she was first diagnosed with Diabetes, she was living at home and my parents paid most of her costs.  But things changed when she moved out, and realized how much her disease was going to cost.

She was lucky that she had some Medicare coverage, but it wasn’t going to be enough.  With the cost of her supplies and medication being really high she needed more than just basic Medicare to cover her expenses.

She talked to her boss to see if she could get into the company sponsored Medicare supplemental insurance and he was happy to help out.  She does have to pay a little bit off each paycheck into the health insurance, but that more than offsets the essentially free diabetic supplies that she receives.

I really don’t know what she would have done if things hadn’t worked out the way they did – without the help, I don’t know if she would have ever been able to leave home.

Monetary Education Needed in Schools

Posted By Twyla on @ 1:14 pm

There are always those people we think of in life that seem like we could meet and grow rich just by touching them. In reality, we know that this is not possible, but what is possible is to learn to think like these people.

In my opinion, all rich people have one thing in common; that is being able to think outside the box. If they thought like everyone else, they would not have gotten to be where they are today.

One thing that really flabbergasts me is the lack of education that kids have available to them today about money. Sure, we all learned about currency in elementary school, but we were never really taught about money. Anything I know about money, I learned from my parents, but I really think it should be part of a regular school curriculum.

When we are uninformed about money and money decisions, we are left with no choices. Most of us leave college, in debt, and still misinformed about money. This has got to change, as people are left with no choices. I don’t know about you, but my choice is to fight for the rights of our children to be informed. What is your next choice?

I’ll Admit It – I am Technologically Impaired

Posted By Twyla on December 28, 2007 @ 2:22 pm

Even though I have a lot of new gadgets, I have to admit that I am technologically impaired.  Just because you have toys, it doesn’t mean that you know how to use them.

After enough occasions of looking rather dumb, I decided that it was time that I learn how to do something on my own.  So, with that goal in mind, I headed down to the library.

Looking through the computer system for a book was a difficult process.  Not only did I have to ask for help (there is that technology impairment again) but there were few books relating to my iPod Touch.  There was a multitude of books regarding how to convert iPod Classic video, and iPod Nano conversion, but little on iPod Touch.

About ten minutes of looking under different search terms, we were able to find the book for me – there was one book that showed how to convert DVD to iPod Touch.

When I went home and opened the book, I was relieved to see a large number of pictures inside.  The pictures should help make the learning process easier – I just hope I can understand it.

Feeling Guilty About a Cash Advance

Posted By Twyla on December 27, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

We went out the other day with some friends for dinner.  We were a bit short for supper, so we stopped at a cash advance store along the way.  Even though payday was a few short days away, I didn’t want to feel embarrassed that we couldn’t afford to go out with them.

But I felt guilty.

I felt very much like I was cheating on a diet.  You see, we just went through a debt consolidation in an attempt to get our finances in order.  We were doing really good until my husband’s best friend came to town, and he has been trying to keep up with his spending.

I was hoping that we could get our debt under control so that we could get a home refinance loan and renovate our home a bit.  The wallpaper from the 1980s is kind of getting to me, and I think that we need to spruce up our home a bit.

Until my husband and I are on the same page financially, I don’t think that it will happen.  I just hope I can sit down with him and he will listen to me – I just don’t want to feel guilty borrowing money anymore.

Knowing the Market

Posted By Twyla on December 25, 2007 @ 5:35 pm

As a student, have a bit of a hobby following the ups and downs of prices in the real estate market. I do not currently own my own home, but feel when I am ready to make that decision, I would want to be informed and I don’t want any surprises.

I have been looking into homes in Greenville, SC. As I can live with my parents for nothing until I finish school, there was no point in me buying a home, but I am considering a job position in Greenville and I absolutely refuse to pay rent. Doing this makes you essentially pay for someone else’s mortgage and I want no part of that.

I have applied for the position and if I am called for an interview, I will look at houses for sale while I am there. I am sure it will be very easy for me to judge if it is a good deal or not, as I have been following the market for a long time.

Time for A Break

Posted By Misty Mountain on December 24, 2007 @ 3:49 pm

My day today has been characterized by a lot of cleaning in anticipation for the party tonight.  Floors have been swept and mopped, the children’s toys have been picked up, and I am baking at the same time.  Even though I seem to have a knack for multitasking, all work and no play, doesn’t work for me at all.

So, I have decided to take time for a break.  I have my coffee in hand and I am sitting at the computer here blogging to you.  Okay, maybe that isn’t the real reason why I am sitting here.  I really sat down to play some online games to take my mind off what I should be doing.

Some of my favorite games are card casino games such as blackjack as well as classic games like bubble bobble.  I like go go back and forth between them as one challenges my mind (and my luck) and the other challenges my reflexes.  This way, I get to "exercise" both, and it keeps my interest longer. 

I just have to make sure that I set a timer and make sure that I quit when it goes off.  So, I have set my handy egg timer for fifteen minutes – that should be a long enough break for me.

Cheap Travel Plans

Posted By Twyla on @ 9:55 am

My friend and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas in the spring. We have both worked hard and saved up a lot of money, so we wanted to reward ourselves with a fun trip. I, being quite a frugal person, was looking for any Las Vegas hotel promotions that would save us some money. I know if you travel at certain times of the year, rooms will be cheaper, but I wanted to see if there were any online booking codes that offered discounts.

I came up with a lot of codes showing various hotel promotions. This was good as well, but was not exactly what I was looking for. I did print off some of the promotions coupons that would still be valid when we went, and continued on my quest for a discounted room.

We had previously decided that we would love to stay at the Mirage, so I did a search just on that hotel. I did end up finding some Mirage offer codes which gave discounts on rooms, food and entertainment. I went ahead and booked the room and took advantage of the Mirage discounts.  I am now patiently awaiting the arrival of trip time – it seems so far away.

Going For It

Posted By Twyla on December 23, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

I recently had the opportunity to have an inside look at some Asheville Condos.  I am interested in purchasing, not for myself, but as an investment.  I am not from Asheville, but have been told that it is a good place to start investing and that good tenants aren’t to find.

I was impressed with what I saw, so I thought I should look some more at Asheville real estate.  The numbers were more than satisfying and I thought I would like to speak to some people to get first-hand information about what kinds of tenant I could expect to have.

This research was quite uplifting.  I know that now is the time to be looking at real estate for sale in Asheville, both for renting and flipping.  I think I will enjoy this business venture and am glad I am finally putting the money where the mouth has been for years.

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Posted By Twyla on December 22, 2007 @ 9:30 pm

My friend bought a pair of Croc shoes last summer and couldn’t stop talking about them.  I personally couldn’t see what the fuss was all about.  They were, in my opinion, garden shoes and they were ugly.  She still insisted that they were the best shoes she ever owned and dared me to try a pair.

Not being one to back down from a dare, I succumbed and bought myself a pair of "ugly" Crocs.  Within a few hours of wearing them, I had to take back everything I had said.  She was right.  They were the most comfortable shoes I had ever worn.  I was reformed.  I was sold.

I went out and bought a second pair, this time being All Terrain Crocs.  These would be good for hiking, which I happen to do a lot of.  I wore them on a hike and was ever more impressed that they were more comfortable than the first pair.

I will never knock a pair of Crocs again.  When you find shoes that fit this well and actually make your feet feel good, you don’t even see them as ugly anymore.  I never thought I would be an advocate for garden shoes.

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