Entertaining the Kids

Posted on November 28, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

Today I had the opportunity to babysit my nieces.  Now, one of them is one, the other is five.  The five year old, Claire is a genius and each time she comes over, I try to play some fun games with her.  Today though, I have been feeling sick, so I thought I could find something on the computer for her to do.

I started her off with some fun puzzle games.  I let her try some games that involved spelling and matching colors together as she is working on that in school.  She sat there and played for about half an hour before she was bored. 

We then tried out some fun action games – we found a few that let her build things as well as matching games such as Mah Jong.  Now, she instantly became a Mah Jong expert – she has always been good at matching card games when I played with her in the past.

So, thankfully the Internet was there to entertain my niece – I probably wouldn’t have made it through the day with my headache.

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