Quick Replacement for Broken ATMs

Posted on November 27, 2007 @ 5:22 pm

Now, when you own a business such as a lounge or restaurant, it is handy to have an ATM machine on the premises to both provide your patrons with easy access to cash as well as an extra revenue stream for your business through transaction fees.  It works out to a win-win scenario for your patrons and your business.

But what do you do when your ATM machine breaks down?  Not only is this an inconvenience for you, but an inconvenience for your customers as well.  I would suggest that in the case of your ATM going out of order, contact a repair service immediately.  In most cases, they will not be able to come out right away, so you should consider using mobile ATMs to replace your broken machine.

Now what are mobile ATM machines?  Essentially they are self contained ATM machines – all they need is power.  Most ATM rental companies provide them for a nominal charge and can have them out the same day.  By using their services, you will keep your customers happy and keep some revenue coming it – and as a business owner, that is what you want.

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