Cooking for our Dog

Posted on November 26, 2007 @ 4:39 pm

I like to try and have an easy and simple life.  I enjoy the conveniences of microwave dinners, frozen pizza, and other instant foods.  Now I have been like this for a few years because my life is hectic – and I have no time to really cook.

One night while watching television, I happened to flip to a program about dog food.  Most people wouldn’t stop there, but for whatever reason, I did.  It ended up that the program was actually an infomercial about why you shouldn’t buy dog food in a store.

There were many reasons such as quality of the ingredients, preservatives, and allergies that had developed in dogs that ate store bought food.  I knew that my puppy already had some digestive problems, and I didn’t want anymore problems with her.

The program went on to sell me a homemade dog food kit.  The kid contained a cook book, dog food mix, some dog treats, and a guide to better dog health.  I ordered one as the price was reasonable, and now I had some doubt as to whether or not what we were feeding our dog was healthy or not.

I am looking forward to trying the kit out.  Even though it will take some of my time to prepare the food for my dog, I will feel better that she will be better nourished and healthier.

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