Home Office Renovation in Order

Posted on November 22, 2007 @ 4:36 pm

I have had my home office in the same room for a number of years.  Thing is, my office furniture is starting to look worn out – I think it is time to get some new furniture.

I only have three pieces of home office furniture to replace: my desk, my chair, and my file cabinet.  I have been looking online at many furniture stores and have finally made my selections.

For the desk, I am getting a U-shaped desk with a granite look alike top.  From the pictures on the site, it looks impressive.  The hutch on the desk has just enough room to fit my 22" monitor inside.

As for the chair, I have decided to pick one of the many mesh office chairs on the market.  I am going to go with something a little less traditional – I found a chair that is yellow.  The reason for my selection of a mesh chair is that it will keep my back a little cooler – my current leather chair just makes my back sweat.

For the file cabinet, I am just going to go with a traditional black metal file cabinet.  My current file cabinet is just starting to quit working after twenty years.  I figure if I go with a metal one, it should be the last one I buy before I retire.

I placed my order and will have to wait till next week to get it.  In the meantime, I need to bug some of my friends with trucks to help me move out my old furniture.  I cannot wait to see what my office will look like when I am done – I think it will look great!

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