Adventure in Orlando

Posted on November 22, 2007 @ 9:26 pm

My friend Janet just came back from an adventure in Orlando.  Now, I call it an adventure because she had never been there before.  So she had to do a bit of research before she went on her trip.

The first place she looked was the Disney World forum.  There she found out that Universal Studios would be within her reach – and she made a plan to go there.

She was also looking for a hotel that was family friendly and not too expensive.  She did a lot of research and found that almost everyone suggested that she try one of the Disney World Resort Hotels – there were hundreds of glowing reviews.

Once she did get there, their family had a blast.  They created memories that her kids will cherish for years to come.  Now my kids are trying to tell me we should go – at least we have someone to help us with our travel plans…

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