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Taking My Time Making Financial Decisions

Posted By Twyla on October 12, 2007 @ 6:43 pm

Some people would call me indecisive, but really I just like to do my research before I make a decision. 

When I decided I needed a credit card, I did research on the best credit cards available.  When I needed to open a new bank account, I compared bank accounts and what they had to offer me.  When I was looking for cheap car insurance, you can bet I checked out  what many companies had to offer. 

I would not label myself as indecisive, but rather as an informed individual.  I do my homework and check out many options.  Though this is much more time consuming, I don’t tend to make rash, spur-of-the-moment decisions and I can live with the consequences because of it.

Finding a Doctor Online

Posted By Misty Mountain on October 9, 2007 @ 6:22 am

Up until recently, I didn’t realize that doctors had websites.  Call me a little naive, but I never really thought that anyone would visit a site dedicated to a medical clinic.

I had a change of attitude recently.  You see, I needed to make an appointment at my primary care facility with my doctor, but for some reason, my phonebook had disappeared.  It didn’t help that I decided to do this at three in the morning either – I just couldn’t sleep.

After my futile search for the phonebook or a card from the doctor’s office, I sat at my computer and did a quick search for the clinic I attend.  Little did I know that while I was looking for the phone number, that I would find that they had a website too. 

I decided to take a look around a bit to see what the site had on it.  I found the regular stuff such as hours of operation, and the names of the doctors on staff.  But I also learned about the medical services that they offered – and I was surprised.  There were some procedures that I thought I had to go see a specialist that my own doctor’s office offered.

Now that I know they have a website, I think I will be more likely to book my appointments online.  Instead of waiting on hold, booking an appointment is just an email away.  Besides, I don’t have to worry about being at home during business hours to take care of my health – no matter what time of the day, their website is there to serve me.

A Good Source For Loan Information

Posted By Misty Mountain on October 8, 2007 @ 9:56 pm

Have you ever decided in the middle of the night that you might want to renovate your house?  How about when your car dies on a Sunday and you think you should just buy a new one instead of fixing it?  I know I have.  In fact, recently my car just decided to die and I needed to find a way to get a new one fast.

The problem I had is that none of the banks I deal with are open on Sunday.  Neither are some of the other financial institutions that I am used to dealing with.  Feeling a little impatient (really I just needed to know what I was going to do), I decided to search online for some kind of information source for loans.

Surprisingly I found a lot of resources that I could use.  Specifically, I found that I could use my home as a security to get a secured homeowner loan.  The benefit going this route is I could go with a longer financing period and keep a little more money in my pocket. 

My other option was going with an unsecured loan.  The repayment period is a little shorter going this route, but I won’t lose my house should I forget to make my payments.  Also, with my excellent credit rating, I should have no problem getting approved.  For those of you with a poor credit rating, you may have to pay a higher rate of interest or not be able to qualify for the loan.

I am happy that my car broke down on a Sunday or I would have never considered taking a look online for loan information.  Maybe I should look online for a new car too…

Two Interesting Topics to Checkout

Posted By Misty Mountain on @ 9:21 pm

I find that most people visit the same types of websites such as email sites, social sites and perhaps a news site or two.  It seems that just like in real life, people are creatures of habit and visit the same places all the time.

Today I encourage you to try something different.  Turn on your web browser and go to your favorite search engine.  Try doing a web search for both of the topics below:

The first search you make should be for strange news.  Why?  You’ll see.  If you visit some of the sites that come up in the results, you will find that your time will slip by reading some interesting stories.  The stories you will find will be a lot more exciting than you average news paper and may make you laugh uncontrollably. 

The second search you should try is music gossip.  I think you will find the stories here interesting as well, especially if you read tabloid newspapers.  You can find normal stories such as who is dating who, as well as the stars that are having babies.  If you are more into the scandal type stories, you can find it here too.

So I challenge you to look for new things everyday: start right now.  There is so much information on the Internet, you have no excuse as to why you are not learning something new or something that will challenge you each day.

Leaders in the South African Property Market

Posted By Misty Mountain on October 5, 2007 @ 9:13 pm

I spend a lot of my time looking at the Canadian real estate market.  Today I thought I would broaden my horizons and look at another country’s property market.  I decided to check out the leaders in the South Africa property market.

I found two people that seemed to come up on many different property websites.  They are both excellent at what they do though their roles are a little different. 

The first person that came up was Ian Slot from Seeff Homeloans.  Originally a lawyer, he saw opportunity in 2000 to start up his business that facilitates agents and home buyers to purchase a home.

The second person that came up was Pam Golding, founder of Pam Golding International – the largest independent real estate company in South Africa.  From selling her first home to running 140 branches with over 1600 licensed agents, her journey has been one of inspiration.

Learning About Laptops

Posted By Misty Mountain on October 1, 2007 @ 7:21 pm

Just recently I purchased a laptop for myself.  It was not a new one, but rather an older on.  And man, I was having some problems.

Specifically, I couldn’t find graphics drivers for the video card on my laptop.  Specifically, I needed a driver for the ATI 345M IGP.  I took a look on the Compaq website (the brand of my laptop) and installed the driver for it.  It worked find for the laptop screen, but when I hooked it up to my 19″ Acer monitor, it did not show the right resolution.  I needed to find a solution, so I tried to find someone that had the same problem.

I cam across a laptop blog where the author had the same problem as me.  I found the solution to my problem.  If any of you have the same problem as me, take a look at this article:

Video Drivers for your unsupported notebook card

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