Frustrations of a Worker

Posted on October 22, 2007 @ 8:03 pm

If you were to read the personal finance news of the not so-rich and not-so famous (people like myself) in the paper you would read that we struggle with mortgages and our car insurance.

We work our butts off, not to get ahead and get rich, but just to stay above the surface of the water.  And don’t think that me working my butt off is not making someone rich, because it is.  And chances are that the person you are making rich doesn’t have a mortgage that he is struggling to pay each month.

A group of co-workers was asked the other day if they thought they were smarter than their boss.  I was the only one who admitted that my boss was smarter than me.  When asked why, my replay was:

"If I am spending the winter here working 40 hours per week while he is spending his in Arizona, he must be doing something better than me, and therefore he is smarter."

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