Comparing Options When Dealing with MY Money

Posted on October 21, 2007 @ 7:32 pm

When it comes to money, I don’t like to part with it.  I like to compare my options on absolutely everything related to money: the saving and spending of it.

I compare credit cards before I fill out the application.  That way I get the lowest interest rate, best features and the lowest fees.  You might also find that your bank doesn’t offer the best card for your situation – and chances are there is one tailor-made for you. 

Another thing that is important to do is a car insurance comparison at least once a year.  If you haven’t notices all the commercials on television urging you to compare or switch insurance companies, take notice.  There is a lot of competition in this area and almost every year I can save myself some money.

Lastly, I want my money to grow, or at least hold its own against inflation.  But I want the liquidity that a bank account offers.  So, periodically I look for the best savings accounts – and most of the time my bank doesn’t offer what I need.  I am not afraid to switch institutions provided it meets my goals.

If you don’t want to get so hands-on on your finances, hire a financial planner.  They can help you out with the nitty-gritties, but it doesn’t hurt for you to be a little informed – then you will know what you are talking about.

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