Looking Through the Mail

Posted on October 19, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

Junk mail.  That is a fact of life, on the other hand: it sucks.  I don’t know how many trees die each year so that I can get flyers and other junk in the mail that ends up in the garbage (or recycling – though I would think that most people don’t take the time).

While I am on my rant here, I just want to comment on today: Friday.  It seems that it should be changed from Friday to finance day: 99% of the junk mail I get is finance related. 

Today the top of the pile here promises me the best credit cards are in the envelope.  I look inside and find that I am pre-approved for a 0% credit card that will do 0% balance transfers – catch is I don’t carry a balance on my credit cards.

Next in the pile is a cashback credit card offer from a local bank.  It only has a $99.95 yearly fee for a measly 1% cashback – I’ll pass.

And last but not least, here is the same offer I had last week – I am pre-approved for a minimum $5,000 loan – but I have to go down to their office within three business days to take advantage of it. Um… no thanks.

I feel sorry for the trees that died to bring me this mail.  It is too bad mailboxes don’t have spam filters…

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