A Little Bathroom Remodeling in Order

Posted on October 17, 2007 @ 8:04 am

I’ll admit it, our bathroom is kind of ugly.  Nothing like showing your friends your ugly green tub and toilet to make your friends laugh.  To be honest it is embarrassing.  What tops it off for us is the "nice" wood paneling – which is completely nasty.

We decided to go to our bank and see if we could get a loan for our planned renovations.  The night before we went to the bank, we looked online to compare loans and get an idea about what was available.  We printed off some of the more promising offers to take with us to the bank.

We walked into the meeting expecting to get a personal loan.  The thing is, we weren’t as educated as we thought.  It ends up since we own our home, we qualified for a secured personal loan which allowed us to get lower monthly payments and the bathroom we wanted.

Now we can show off our new bathroom, it is almost sad to see no green toilet anymore.  No longer ashamed, we feel more at home now.

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