Getting a Car Loan

Posted on October 15, 2007 @ 10:41 pm

Well, it is about time that I grow up and get a car.  My friends laugh at me that I need a ride, or that I need some extra time to take the bus.  Even though this ridicule is mean to be friendly, sometimes, it is depressing.  With that in mind, I have caved in and decided to get a car.

Since I have decided to get a car, I had to look at my budget and savings.  Not good.  You see, I do make extra money each month that I have been saving, but there is not near enough to buy a car.  Guess I will have to get a car loan to pay for it.

There are so many places that offer unsecured loans at good rates.  But not all these places are equal – some have poor payment terms and some have high interest.

So, I went on the Internet and searched for cheap loans.  I figured this way I could compare all the offerings side by side and pick which one that was best.  I never realized how many lenders there were until I looked at some of these sites.

I found one lender that was very promising and I filled out the application.  They said on the site that it would be up to 72 hours before I would get an answer – but I am so impatient.  Maybe I can spend the time looking for a car to buy…. I haven’t done that yet.  :)

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