Three Interesting Blogs

Posted on July 16, 2007 @ 2:38 am

Out of the million blogs on the internet, I vowed to find a few interesting ones today.  Here are the the three good ones I found today:

Creative wits is a blog about just about anything.  You can find articles related to technology, cars, insurance and more.  There are definitely some good articles if you want to learn about a variety of things.

Laptops blog is dedicated to those of us that have(I consider it a blessing) a laptop.  You can find different things to try with your laptop, as well as tips on purchasing a laptop.  Informative and in English, the articles on the site are designed to educate you in five minutes or less.  I have definitely put some of the tips to use for my laptop.

URL Shouter is a website announcement blog.  Want to find some of the best websites launched in the last few days?  Find them all at this website.  It is a general, family oriented blog, so you can find many sites that would appeal to your interests, whatever they may be.  I did get some good ideas on things to write about from this blog.

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