Troubles Selling Your Home

Posted on July 12, 2007 @ 2:37 am

I recently listed my home on the market, expecting a quick sale.  Boy was I wrong.  

I had a few people take a look at my house, but no one was really interested.  According to my realtor, the price I was asking was reasonable, but for whatever reason, no one seemed interested in buying.

I was in a little time crunch, as we were expecting to move out of state at the end of the month.  It sucked that I may be stuck with my house ? I didn?t know what to do.

We needed some milk for the kids, so I went to the supermarket.  I took a quick peek on the bulletin board there where I put a flyer for my house for sale.  No one even took a phone number off the sign.

I was just about to leave when another flyer caught my eye.  It read:

?We Buy Houses?

That got me a little excited.  On the sign there was a website that I could visit.  I couldn?t wait to get home to check it out.

Sitting at the computer, I punched the website into my web browser.  This seemed to be the site I needed (funny how that sometimes happens) and I started to read how to get a fast home sale.

The whole purpose of the site was to get leads for a motivated home seller.  I submitted my information and received a phone call a few days later.  Guess what?  My house is sold.

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