Chip Foose Designs the 2007 Foose Stallion

Posted on July 2, 2007 @ 2:19 am

Chip Foose is not just an everyday car designer.  You may recognize the name from the Overhaulin’ television show as the artist that crafts old vehicles into stunning beauties.  Did you know that Foose does vehicle designs outside of his television show?

I sure didn’t.

Today, I did come across a website dedicated to modded Ford Mustangs.  Looking through its’ pages I was surprised to discover the 2007 Foose Stallion.

This new design is not your everyday Ford Mustang – but rather an awe inspiring original.  You can find custom body work, ultra high performance z-rated tires, and Ford Racing parts.  Some options available in the third quarter this year are the Ford Racing Supercharger system (which boosts the available horse power to 425 HP), and sequential tail lights.  Available in both the coupe and convertible models, these babies have a base price of $40,000 US with only a limited run of a few thousand per year.  You can expect these cars to be snatched up rather quickly with dealers selling the cars above the recommended price.

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