Have you heard the juicy lie?

Posted on June 22, 2007 @ 2:48 am

Have you heard the juicy lie?

Maybe the right way to put it would be have you read the juicy lie?  

Now, you are probably thinking of gossip, possibly celebrity related, are you getting excited?  Another tabloid worthy column perhaps?

Think again.  A juicy lie is golf slang for a lie in the rought where the ball is sitting atop the grass, offering a clean approach.  Not what you thought, hey?

More importantly juicy-lie is a new blog that writes about extraordinary websites, topics, and news.  Made for the average joe (and jane), you will find content and news presented here nowhere else online.  Why?  They pride themselves on being original – a rarity in this age of cookie cutter blogs.  Grab your coffee and site for a read.  After you are done, tell your friends – everyone needs to know a juicy lie….

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